After years of chip design and commercial application experience, Chengdu Langrui core has successfully launched 48g, 6.2g switching chips and home gateway chips, and recently launched industrial grade 30g domestic two-layer switching chips, once again adding to domestic small capacity and cost-effective switching chips.

These two exchange chips are included in the “Fuqin” series. Like the “Chunxi” and “Jinniu” series of langruixin, they are named after the famous cultural landmarks and street names of Chengdu, marking them with the well-known regional culture brand of Chengdu people. With their own R & D hard power, they help the vigorous development of domestic chip industry and highlight the confidence of domestic chip industry!

These two chips are officially named Fuqin sw8328m and sw8328, which represent management (embedded CPU) and non management respectively. Their switching capacity is 30g. These two are highly domestic chips, and their design, production and sealing and testing integration are completed in China, and almost all IP are also designed in China. The CPU embedded in the chip adopts the domestic and open source risc-v architecture to solve the hidden danger of “neck sticking”.

Sw8328m and sw8328 are monolithic integrated with 8-way Gigabit electrical port PHY, supporting 10 / 100 / 1000BASE-T function; Integrated 2-way 10g SerDes, which can support 100 base-fx, 1000base-x, sgmii, qsgmii, o-usgmii and 10g base-r functions; Integrated 4-way 1g SerDes, which can support 100 base-fx, 1000base-x and sgmii functions. The sw8328m also supports 2-way rgmii / gmii / MII interfaces as an extensible management interface.

Sw8328m and sw8328 support complete layer-2 network protocol processing functions, including L2 bridging, L2 multicast and storm suppression; It supports VLAN and other functions based on stream, port, protocol and subnet. At the same time, in order to adapt to more application scenarios, it also supports synchronous Ethernet and 1588 functions. Its typical application scenarios include: 8-way Gigabit electric port, 8-way Gigabit electric port + 4-way gigabit optical port, 8-way Gigabit electric port, 2-way gigabit optical port, 24-way Gigabit electric port + 4-way gigabit optical port, etc. it is widely used in communication, transportation, electric power, finance and other fields with high requirements for exchange indicators.

Sw8328m can be used as a single-chip solution for management switch or as a domestic CPU with network port. Because of its lower price and more convenient application, the non managed switching chip sw8328 can be used as the core chip of non managed switching equipment, the inter board communication chip of related equipment, and even as an 8-port PHY.

In addition, the two chips have wide operating temperature range and low power consumption. Their static power consumption is close to 2W and dynamic power consumption is about 5W. They have relatively low requirements for equipment working environment and heat dissipation.

Domestic exchange chips have been controlled by several international companies for a long time. Most domestic enterprises often have to kneel down and cooperate with them, so it is very difficult to seek support. Chengdu langruixin Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in 2004, has a strong and innovative R & D team based on the concept of “stable value creation”. In addition to launching chip products, it also has the ability of system design. Combined with the advantages of localized services, it can provide more perfect and timely technical support services for the majority of chip users, I believe we can contribute to the development of national chip industry together with domestic chip enterprises.

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