OSRAM will release several new products of uvleds this year

Because of the impact of COVID-19, UVCLED has seen an explosion in the past two years. OSRAM points out that the compound growth rate will be around 30% in the next few years.

Recently, OSRAM has released two 3636 products (4.7mw and 42mW) in terms of uvleds, involving medium and small power. Compared with the products on the market, the single output power is relatively high and has high reliability. If the system needs multiple uvleds, the OSRAM product scheme can help save the number of uvleds and reduce the cost.

OSRAM revealed that it will release a 100MW high-power product and WPE will reach 6% in the middle of this year. At the same time, it will also release a 15MW medium power UVC LED product in the middle of this year.

Youda to set up auto panel factory in North America

According to reports, Peng Shuanglang, chairman of Youda, recently revealed that Youda will set up a vehicle panel factory in North America, and Europe, Southeast Asia and other places are also under consideration, mainly according to the layout of the car factory cluster. At the same time, compared with selling only panels in the past, Youda will launch large-scale automotive system products in the future.

In addition, Peng Shuanglang said that in the future, Youda will invest more resources in miniled and microled. Longda, a subsidiary, used to focus on the latter process, but now extends to the former process, which is the strong point of crystal power, to form a complete supply chain.

Chengdu CHENXIAN and Xiamen Sanan Semiconductor Co., LtdStrategic partnership

According to reports, vicino holding company Chengdu CHENXIAN optoelectronics Co., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen San’an semiconductor. The two sides will cooperate in microled chip development, massive transfer, production line automation, etc., with a term of three years.

Chengdu CHENXIAN optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing mass production solutions for microled, and has acquired a number of patented microled technologies and equipment from vicino.

Xiamen Xinda 582 million yuan financing application passed

According to reports, Xiamen Xinda company’s application for non-public offering of shares has been approved by the development and Examination Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Xiamen Xinda plans to raise 582 million yuan by non-public offering, all of which will be used to supplement working capital. Xiamen Xinda pointed out that affected by the global epidemic, the company’s information technology sector, especially the optoelectronic business, is facing the pressure of sluggish LED market demand and further intensified industry competition. This non-public offering is conducive to the sustainable, stable and healthy development of various businesses.

According to the 2020 performance forecast, Xiamen Xinda is expected to achieve a revenue of 76.4 billion yuan, a net profit of 10 million yuan, and turn losses into profits. Xiamen Xinda pointed out that during the reporting period, the company strictly prevented new risks, optimized the product structure, and the amount of bad debt reserves and inventory depreciation reserves decreased significantly.

(this paper summarizes the new display of advanced engineering from LED network of advanced engineering)

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