In 2020, China’s automobile industry is going through a dramatic change. Under the background of big industrial change, a new value network is forming.

In recent years, with the new infrastructure promoted by the state, the boundary of the automobile industry has gradually expanded. Bath, software, algorithm, AI and artificial intelligence have rapidly entered the market and deeply combined with the automobile sector.

For example, in the aspect of data analysis, the traditional data analysis has become cumbersome and heavy, gradually unable to support the huge needs of users.

GAC has more than 50000 underlying supplier databases, including hundreds of vehicle companies, vehicle lines, production and sales distribution data. Service experience has become the antenna that touches the core of users, and intelligence has gradually become the core.

In order to reduce the cost of customers and improve the scientific operation of the enterprise, gasco automotive products department has successfully launched the intelligent prediction and analysis tool for China’s automobile production and sales data, Gaia system version 1.0 (GAIA) after n + tests and remolding. Computer access Chain: .

Gaia system is different from the excel table of forecast data delivered before. It does not need too much labor cost. Instead, it delivers a lightweight and intelligent one click production and sales capacity forecast data system, which can select and automatically generate views and detailed data tables on demand.

Monthly production and sales

Output, sales

(monthly production and sales overview)

Gaia (GAIA) system login, the home page can be free to view the month’s production and sales, factions, car companies, car trend distribution.

As well as the forecast data production and sales volume cumulative, the same period comparison view; production capacity distribution map, ranking, output value calculation, etc., the data is clear and intuitive, simple and clear.

Output, sales

(full dimensional search of production and sales volume)

The forecast data of production and sales volume can be retrieved by market, power form, car enterprise, faction and other dimensions, and the time can be specific to the month.

Output, sales

(monthly cumulative statistics and comparison accumulation chart)

The monthly accumulation of forecast data and the comparison data of the same period automatically generate the visualization chart, eliminating the time of manual drawing and analysis.

The detailed data can be downloaded by one click or saved by screen capture.

Distribution map of output and production capacity

Output, sales

(output distribution of light vehicle market in China)

The production capacity distribution of the national light vehicle market can automatically generate a general map to intuitively feel the production distribution trend.

Output, sales

(capacity distribution of light vehicle market in China)

Gaia system covers the entire Chinese market, including more than 150 auto companies, 2885 models for your choice. Users can accurately search through the name of the car enterprise and the province and city.

Production and sales ranking

Output, sales

(ranking list of vehicle production of vehicle enterprises)

The production and sales list includes local groups, sales groups, brands, car companies and car lines, which can be classified and screened. We can also choose demand through market segmentation and power form.

Output, sales

(ranking list of sales volume of vehicle companies)

Visual charts of production and sales ranking are generated on demand, and detailed data can be downloaded with one click.

Output value calculation

Output, sales

(annual output value management)

The output value calculation of forecast data is intelligent. The output value calculation only needs to provide the project single year shipment volume, the number of project parts, the proportion of user enterprise share, and the sales price of single product of the auto enterprise in 8 years. The system can calculate with one click, which is convenient for management.

Seamless access to industrial information, efficient sorting, convenient delivery, intelligent analysis, data integration and visualization chart. Gaia system is committed to digitizing the production and sales capacity forecast data.

With the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, the production relations have been greatly adjusted, and then they will gradually become the mainstream. The traditional thinking and mode are iterating. With the new launch of Gaia system, we hope to enable enterprises to better carry out scientific management and better adapt to and integrate into the new era of industrial Internet.

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