Just now, Tencent × Nubia Red Devils game phones 6 and 6pro are officially released.

Red Devils Mobile 6

Red Devils mobile 6pro

6.8-inch full electronic competition screen, cool appearance design, equipped with the flagship processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 888, with a refresh rate of 165hz; Seven layer multi-dimensional cooling system, greatly upgrade the cooling capacity; The industry’s highest 400Hz touch game is designed with double shoulder keys, which can easily realize six finger operation.

However, as a high frame rate game phone, while enjoying the pleasure, it will inevitably bring greater power loss. Based on this, high-power fast charging has become the first choice of Red Devils mobile phone standard configuration!

The released Tencent red devil game phone 6pro is the industry’s first game phone with standard 120W black magic square Gan fast charging. With the 120W fast charging of the new generation Gan chip, it is smaller and supports Pd / PPS multi protocol compatibility. It’s easy to charge for 5 minutes and play for 2 hours.

According to the official introduction, within five minutes of accessing 120wgan fast charging, the power of the mobile phone will be rapidly increased from 0 to 50%, and the charging speed will subvert the imagination.

It is understood that the core devices of 120wgan fast charging are the new generation products of Innotech innogan. Thanks to the high frequency and high efficiency of the third generation semiconductor Gan, the volume of the magnetic components and capacitors in the fast charging scheme of innogan 120W is greatly reduced, and the smart design is combined with the DFN package with ultra-low thermal resistance to realize the overall miniaturization. High efficiency also achieves lower temperature rise, so that high-power charging heating problem no longer exists.

The release of 6pro, the industry’s first Red Devils mobile phone equipped with 120W dark cube gallium nitride as standard, marks that innoseco innogan series products have officially entered the standard market. In the environment of PD fast charging, more and more manufacturers enter the fast charging market. The advantages of the third generation semiconductor Gan with high frequency and high efficiency gradually appear, and gradually replace Si in the medium and small power fast charging power supply. It can be predicted that the continuous maturity and large-scale application of Gan technology is bound to promote significant changes in the whole power semiconductor market.

At present, the Red Devils mobile phone 6 and 6pro have been pre-sale on the official website, interested friends can buy more!

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