DT’s all triple IP coprocessor 256kx72, which has the highest density and performance in the industry, can conduct 100 million searches per second, and can be upgraded to 250 MSPs in the first quarter of 2002. The IP coprocessor, which is compatible with both pin and software, enables designers to seamlessly upgrade from 2M bit (32kx72) to 18m bit (256kx72).

At present, 256kx72 IP coprocessor has 32kx72, 64kx72 and 128kx72. Compared with other solutions, its dynamic database management can improve system performance and greatly reduce power consumption. In addition, irrelevant clock cycles can be eliminated in multiple database searches, allowing up to 576 bit persistent searches at the highest device speed. 100MSPS represents the highest performance search capability possible in the current market. The performance improvement of 250msps will be achieved through upgradeable proprietary technology, which can provide higher performance, lower system cost and more services on backbone network, urban network and access router.

Based on directory addressable memory (CAM) and high performance logic, IDT’s IP coprocessor supports network processing unit (NPU) and application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), accelerating deep packet classification and delivery of backbone network, urban network and access router. IDT’s processors include ASIC package processors and seamless IP coprocessors for major network processors of Intel, AMCC and other companies. IDT recently announced that it will acquire the solidum system, which is a major supplier of classification and catalog checking processing solutions. Solidum’s classification processor can filter and analyze data up to 7 layers. In addition, IDT’s IP coprocessor can check the directory in both package title and payload, making the package more intelligent at line speed.

The following table shows the main performance of all triple IP coprocessor.

Characteristics, performance and application of all triple IP coprocessor 256kx72

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