With the development of modern agriculture, various agricultural Internet of things systems have been widely used in the agricultural field, such as topyunnong intelligent agricultural monitoring system, which is a highly intelligent, integrated and visual management intelligent agricultural monitoring system. The application of the system in facility agriculture and planting monitoring has realized accurate perception, accurate operation and accurate management, It has promoted the increase of agricultural product output, the reduction of input, the reduction of labor consumption, the reduction of cost, the improvement of quality and price, and made facility agriculture achieve good economic, social and ecological benefits. The following is a brief introduction to topyunnong intelligent agricultural monitoring system.

Based on the development goal of modern agriculture, the intelligent agricultural monitoring system integrates the advanced “Internet of things, mobile Internet and cloud computing” technology, with the help of personal computers, smart phones and other terminal equipment, realizes the real-time monitoring of the meteorology, soil and water environment at the agricultural production site, and realizes the remote automatic control of agricultural facilities such as greenhouses, greenhouses and irrigation. Combined with powerful functions such as video acquisition and automatic early warning, the system can help the majority of agricultural workers immediately grasp the crop growth status and environmental change trend, so as to ensure crop growth.

Several characteristics of intelligent agricultural monitoring system

1. Comprehensive function

The intelligent agricultural monitoring system comprehensively uses sensors, controllers, smart cameras, smart cameras and other high-end Internet of things equipment to conduct 360 degree all-round monitoring on the meteorological, soil and other environmental change trends, crop growth and the operation status of agricultural facilities at the agricultural production site, and carry out automatic early warning and remote automatic control for various abnormal conditions according to the set conditions, It can be widely applied to various types of non industry scientific research institutions and agricultural enterprises.

2. Precision intelligence

The intelligent agricultural monitoring system can operate completely automatically without manual intervention. Zui avoids the randomness of manual operation to a large extent, significantly reduces the occupation of on-site labor force, and helps users achieve accurate control of agricultural facilities and standardized management of production processes.

3. Real time monitoring

The smart agriculture monitoring system can transmit the sensing data and image information collected at the production site to the data center in real time through the mobile phone network. On the one hand, it changes the traditional way of manual field data collection; On the other hand, it also fully realizes the real-time transmission and real-time sharing of agricultural information, so that production managers can view monitoring data through mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

4. Easy to use

The intelligent agricultural monitoring system emphasizes the perfect combination of ease of use and practicability.

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