Ti’s ads131e08 is a 24 low power analog front end (AFE), Collins built-in relation code gain amplifier (PGA), power reference, oscillator, with industrial power monitoring, control and protection functions. Ads131e0x has eight differential current adverbial clauses: voltage input, dynamic range 118db at 1ksps, crosstalk – 110dB, thd – 90dB at 50Hz and 60Hz, Mainly used in energy metering, power monitoring, control and protection. This paper introduces the main features of ads131e0x, block diagram, typical application circuit diagram, power monitoring system frame diagram, main features of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board, circuit diagram, product, bill of materials and PCB component layout.

Ads131e0x is a multi-channel, synchronous sampling, 24 bit and 16 bit, Δ-Σ(ΔΣ), Analog to digital converter (ADC), built-in programmable gain amplifier (PGA), internal voltage reference, and an on-board oscillator.

Ads131e0x has the functions normally required in industrial power supply monitoring, control and protection applications. The ads131e0x input can be connected independently and directly to a resistive divider network or transformer to measure voltage. The input can also be connected to a current transformer or Rogowski coil to measure the current. Ads131e0x series with high integration and excellent performance can create scalable industrial power system, but the size, power consumption and total cost are greatly reduced.

Each channel of ads131e0x has a flexible input multiplexer, which can be independently connected to internally generated signals for testing, temperature and fault detection. Using integrated comparator and trigger level controlled by digital to analog converter (DAC), fault detection can be realized in the equipment. The data rate of ads131e0x is up to 64 ksps.

These complete analog front end (AFE) solutions are packaged in tqfp-64 and are rated in the industrial temperature range of – 40 ℃ to + 105 ℃

Main features of ads131e0x:

Eight differential current and voltage inputs

Excellent performance:

Over grade 0.1

Performance dynamic range at 1 ksps: 118 DB

Crosstalk: – 110 dB

Thd: – 90 dB at – 50 dB and 60 Hz

Power range:

Analog + 3 V to + 5 V (unipolar) ± 2.5 V (bipolar, DC coupling allowed)

Number of + 1.8 V to + 3.6 V

Low power consumption: 2 MW per channel

Data rates: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 ksps

Programmable gain (1, 2, 4, 8 and 12)

Fault detection and equipment testing function

SPI ™ Data interface and four gpios

Package: tqfp-64 (PAG)

Operating temperature range:

– 40 ℃ to + 105 ℃

Ads131e0x application:

Industrial power applications:

Electric energy measurement

Monitoring, control and protection

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of ads131e0x series

Characteristics and typical application circuit diagram of ads131e08

Figure 2. Ads131e0x series single power supply working circuit diagram

Figure 3. Ads131e0x series dual power supply circuit diagram

Figure 4. Configuration diagram of multiple devices of ads131e0x series

Figure 5. Framework of ads131e0x series power monitoring system

Ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board

This user guide introduces the features, operation and use of ads131e08evm-pdk. The performance demonstration kit is the evaluation module of ads131e08. Ads131e08 is an eight channel, 24 bit, low-power, integrated analog front end (AFE), designed for power protection circuit. Ads131e08evmpdk is suitable for prototype design and evaluation. This user guide includes complete circuit description, schematic diagram and bill of materials.

Ads131e08evm-pdk is the demonstration package of ads131e08. Ads131e08 is a synchronous sampling, 24 bit, Δ-Σ(ΔΣ) Analog to digital converter (ADC), with built-in programmable gain amplifier (PGA), internal voltage reference, and on-board oscillator. Ads131e08 contains the functions normally required for industrial power monitoring and control, but it is flexible and suitable for various applications requiring eight channel, 24 bit ADC. The ads131e08evm-pdk demo suite is designed to speed up evaluation and system development.

The main features of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board are as follows:

For Microsoft ™ Easy to use evaluation software for Windows XP or windows 7

Built in analysis tools, including oscilloscope, FFT and histogram display

Flexible input configuration

Optional external reference circuit

The ability to export data from simple test files for post-processing

Figure 6. Outline drawing of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board

Figure 7. Circuit diagram of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (1)

Figure 8. Circuit diagram of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (2)

Figure 9. Circuit diagram of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (3)

Figure 10. Circuit diagram of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (4)

Figure 11. Circuit diagram of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (5)

Material list of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board:

Figure 12. PCB component layout of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (top)

Figure 13. PCB component layout of ads131e08evm-pdk evaluation board (large format)

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