The Raytek raynger3iplus high temperature handheld infrared thermometer is designed to meet process performance requirements in a wide range of industrial applications, including primary and secondary metal processing, and harsh high temperature environments for petrochemical and power plant operations.

The new generation of portable thermometer adopts a robust and durable design, which can withstand 1 m (3.2 ft) drop test. It is powered by rechargeable battery and supports continuous operation up to 24 hours.

Raynger3iplus uses intuitive user interface to facilitate parameter setting, support the display, trend and analysis of “on-site” data, and can quickly and easily transfer data to PC or smartphone by using USB and Bluetooth.

Characteristics and performance of Raytek raynger 3I plus high temperature handheld infrared thermometer

In order to meet the harsh requirements of high temperature industrial environment, raytek3iplus infrared thermometer adopts 250:1 high optical resolution to ensure accurate temperature reading in long distance. Heat resistant “red nose” alarm detector ensures the safety and efficiency of operators. Dual laser and sight aiming make the infrared thermometer an ideal choice for high temperature applications.

The new 3iplus datatemp Windows PC software supports real-time communication, data storage, drawing and analysis. The innovative portable infrared thermometer contains mobile applications, which can realize fast data transmission and merging, as well as fast and simple on-site capture and e-mail temperature report function, and can also view real-time temperature trend in real time. Download the raynger3iplus mobile app from iTunes

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