Hic3421e-v (z) IR is a newly developed monitoring site of Zhejiang Yushi, which is suitable for monitoring remote images and remote sounds in real time. It can be widely used in high-definition monitoring environments such as buildings, banks, airports, stations, customs, transportation, electric power, factories and mining enterprises. It is a day and night high-definition infrared riot prevention network hemisphere with 1080p Full HD image quality, with a number of advanced image processing technologies built in Network technology and video coding technology.

The shape design of hic3421e-v (z) IR HD infrared hemisphere continues the strict requirements of Yushi for the appearance of products, making the hemisphere give people a beautiful and professional feeling in terms of shape, line, size and other design. The whole machine adopts ik10 anti riot design, reaching IP66 protection grade. The main body of the fuselage is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light and has good thermal conductivity; The window part is equipped with a high light transmittance anti riot ball cover to ensure the clear imaging of the camera; A single infrared lamp conforming to EU vehicle regulations is set, with high luminous efficiency and service life of more than 60000 hours, and aluminum substrate is used to heat the infrared lamp; Independent three-axis linkage structure is adopted in the hemisphere, and the monitoring angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the actual monitoring needs; The unique shape design can provide the product with a horizontal 0-degree angle of view, effectively improve the elevation of the lens and the height of the monitoring field of vision, which is suitable for indoor corridor monitoring; It supports Poe and DC 12V power supply, and supports the industry’s exclusive that the pickup can be powered nearby when Poe is powered.

The hemisphere adopts independent three-axis design, can arbitrarily adjust the monitoring angle, and can provide Poe and DC 12V power supply

Equipped with a built-in cmos-c32 8.5x line by line high-definition optical lens (hiz-1z) to scan images; Advanced high profile H.264 coding algorithm is adopted to provide low bitstream HD video; Built in three code streams to meet the requirements of real-time streams and storage streams with different bandwidth and frame rate, [email protected] Frame near end monitoring+ [email protected] Frame extraction and storage to save storage space+ [email protected] Frame superior remote monitoring; It provides area enhancement (ROI) function to improve the image quality of key areas in high and low bandwidth network environment. In the actual test, the hemisphere parameters are set to 1080p / 25FPS and CBR 4m. In the real scene test, first aim the camera at the indoor scenery, and it is found that the indoor picture provided by the machine has high definition and good brightness, the color of potted plants near and far away is accurate and true, and the people walking can’t see the tailing phenomenon at all; Then aim the camera at the scenery outside the window. It is found that the picture of the central monitoring area is clear as a whole, the outline of the building complex can be clearly distinguished, and the edge effect is slightly weak.

Both indoor and outdoor live pictures are excellent

Aim the camera at the standard definition test card. Through the monitor, it is found that the horizontal definition provided by the machine is 950tvl, the vertical definition is 1000tvl, the edge definition is also 800tvl, and the level 10 gray scale can be clearly presented; Then aim the camera at the 24 color color restoration test card and compare the monitoring image with the color test card. It is found that the color restoration of the machine is excellent, transparent and natural as a whole. In the network performance test, the hemisphere has network adaptive function and patented NAA technology. 1% packet loss is not stuck and 3% packet loss is not frozen. It solves the video and audio problems caused by network packet loss and delay, and ensures a good live video and audio effect. Keep the original video parameters unchanged, call out the code stream test software, and after a long time of operation, observe the code stream software. It is found that the code stream value of the machine fluctuates between 4.0-4.3mbits/s, with a peak value of 4.8mbits/s, and the overall operation is stable; Then call out the stopwatch software. Under the ultra-low delay mode, the network delay of the machine is measured to be 186ms, and its network delay is very excellent.

The color restoration of the machine is accurate, the code stream floats between 4.0-4.3mbits, and the network delay is 186ms

Hic3421e-v (z) IR adopts automatic infrared filter to switch color to black, which can ensure clear imaging in day or night. In addition, the machine has built-in smart IR technology. When people stay or walk at night, the brightness of the picture is adjusted through the combination of intelligent infrared lamp and ISP, so that the image is more uniform and there will be no overexposure. It is suitable for image monitoring in low light environment, which can clearly distinguish the facial features of the subject and ensure the key information. In the low illumination test, turn off all the indoor lights. It is found that the infrared effect provided by the machine has bright center and weak edge, but the overall clarity is very excellent. Then put the hemisphere into the light box and align it with the definition test card, doll and illuminance meter. With the decrease of illuminance, the color picture will gradually darken and sporadic noise will appear. When the illuminance is reduced to 1.4lux, the picture will automatically turn black, and then the infrared light will be turned on. At this time, the picture will become bright, the nearby doll can be clearly identified, there will be no excessive red exposure, and the infrared effect is excellent.

The intelligent infrared effect provided by this hemisphere is excellent

CPS evaluation room summary

Yushi hic3421e-v (z) IR this HD hemisphere has a good performance in both shape design and real scene effect. The built-in high profile H.264 enables the camera to always maintain high-definition image effect under the condition of low code stream, and the code stream it provides is very stable, and there is no packet loss during long-term operation; The built-in customized OSD menu setting makes the camera have higher added value.

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