1、 Programme background

In recent years, all kinds of campus security incidents occur frequently, such as malicious personal injury at the school gate, stairs collapse and trample, social personnel disturbance of teachers and students, loss of valuable property, and so on. In order to effectively protect the personal safety of teenagers and children, prevent the occurrence of foreign infringement cases, and maintain the normal teaching and living order on campus, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education, the central comprehensive management office and other departments jointly formulated a series of security measures. With the introduction of relevant national policies, the construction of “safe campus” and “Digital Campus” has been launched one after another.

2、 Solutions

According to the relevant standards and normative documents such as “requirements for security technology and prevention system of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens” (GB / t29315-2012), this scheme establishes a multi-level architecture digital campus integrated security monitoring system, provides a comprehensive and scientific solution for the integrated security monitoring system, and realizes various alarm linkage. To ensure the personal and property safety of teachers and students inside and outside the school, create a safe, stable, civilized and healthy education environment, and create conditions for building a socialist harmonious society.

Campus internal system architecture

Safe campus integrated security system mainly includes video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, etc. Through the Hikvision centralized monitoring application management system platform, it can seamlessly integrate the comprehensive security subsystem of primary and secondary schools, turn passive monitoring into active monitoring, greatly improve the utilization efficiency of video, and enhance the overall performance of the monitoring system.

Multi level networking architecture

The system can provide a platform interface to connect with the higher education department and the public security department. Through the education network, the video monitoring resources of the Education Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and other relevant government departments can be shared.

3、 Scheme highlights

(1) Full HD application

Hikvision provides a complete set of high-definition solutions, including high-definition cameras, optical terminals, IP-SAN storage, high-definition decoder, video integrated platform, high-definition display large screen and other equipment, to ensure that the whole process from video acquisition, transmission, storage, decoding to the final video display is high-definition, so as to ensure the video picture quality.

(2) Reduce transmission bandwidth and storage space

Some front-end cameras of the system adopt h.264highprofile coding format with high compression ratio and efficient coding platform, which greatly improves the video coding efficiency. After coding, 720p resolution only accounts for 1m-2m bandwidth and 1080p resolution only accounts for 3m-4m bandwidth, which effectively saves network transmission bandwidth and disk storage space.

(3) System automatic diagnosis

The video quality diagnosis system is a set of image quality analysis, diagnosis and early warning system, which can decode the code stream of the front-end equipment and evaluate the image quality, and judge and warn the problems existing in the video signal. In case of abnormal working of equipment, such as abnormal definition, abnormal brightness, color deviation, noise interference, picture freezing, signal loss, etc., alarm information and notice will be provided in time to effectively prevent image quality problems caused by hardware equipment.

(4) System linkage

By using Hikvision centralized monitoring application management system, the school’s security subsystems can be organically combined to realize the linkage between the systems, and provide a variety of linkage reminder mechanisms, such as SMS prompt, client pop-up, linkage capture video, etc. The passive processing is transformed into active response to improve the efficiency of event processing.

(5) Seamless connection with third party system

The system is based on advanced technology architecture, SOA service-oriented architecture, and the networking design of management platform is based on GA / t669, db33, GB / t28181 and other standard protocols, which can share information with superior management system or public security system.

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