R & S? Fsh4 and R & S? Fsh8 are new handheld spectrum analyzers for future applications. It integrates spectrum analysis, antenna feeder analysis, full-function vector network analysis, vector voltmeter, power meter host, broadband communication demodulation and other testing functions in one. It has the index comparable to the high-end desktop spectrum analyzer. R & S? Fsh4 and R & S? Fsh8 are the best hand-held RF test instruments in the industry.

Main features:

Frequency range: 9KHz to 3.6ghz or 8GHz

High sensitivity (< – 141dbm; when the preamplifier is on, < – 161dbm)

Low measurement uncertainty (typical value 0.5dB)

The resolution bandwidth can be as low as 1 Hz, and the signal details can be clearly displayed

Up to 20MHz signal demodulation bandwidth to meet future test requirements

Built in tracking signal source and VSWR bridge with DC bias power supply

The system is equipped with thd / Obw / ACLR / SEM / channel power / gating trigger scanning and other measurement functions

Dual port vector voltage analysis and network breakpoint function table

Select spectrum waterfall function to capture and record occasional signals

Optional WCDMA / CDMA2000 / EVDO / lte-fdd / lte-tdd demodulation test

Abundant antenna probes and other accessories can be selected to complete various RF measurement tasks easily

Strong waterproof shell, suitable for harsh working conditions on site

Light weight (3kg with battery), easy to hold, Chinese interface, function keys within reach

Support GPS positioning function

Easy to replace high capacity lithium ion battery, working time up to 4.5 hours

LAN port and USB interface for remote control and measurement data transmission, measurement results can be saved in SD card

Firmware lifetime free upgrade

Product features:

Installation and maintenance of launch pad

Power measurement of pulse signal

· channel power measurement

Measurement of distance to fault point (DTF)

Dual port vector network analysis

Scalar network analysis

Single port cable loss measurement

Power measurement at frequencies up to 18GHz

· directional power measurement at frequencies up to 4GHz

Electromagnetic field measurement

· field strength measurement of directional antenna

· field strength measurement of omnidirectional antenna

Diagnostic application in laboratory or maintenance

Universal spectrum analysis

Positioning of EMC issues

Archiving and remote control

The R & S? Fsh4view software can be used to archive the measurement results

Remote control via LAN or USB

Easy to operate

Quick function selection via keyboard and knob

The measurement results can be easily read at any position and angle

Set the frequency through the channel table

The joint is easy to connect and has good protection measures

Application fields:

Installation and maintenance of base station transmitter

Installation and maintenance of radio and television transmitting station

Outdoor test of wireless equipment

· field strength coverage measurement

Radio interference detection and location

EMC fault location

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