Ade12021 is a dual channel configurable isolated digital input monitoring solution for energy delivery and distribution applications. The ade1202 can be configured to perform isolated measurements on a digital input, also known as a binary input or a contact input, via a serial port interface (SPI). The digital output signal of ade1202 on doutx pin reflects the input signal state after user configurable signal conditioning. The SPI protocol supports addressing, allowing up to eight packages to share a 4-wire SPI port.

The ade1202 application circuit accepts a wide input voltage range of 10V DC to 300V or 8vrms to 240vrms. Programmable wet current and reliable application circuit make the package meet strict system level electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.

Integrated successive approximation register (SAR), analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and 1 × to 10 × programmable gain amplifier (PGA) can measure analog input. ADC waveform can be transmitted through SPI port for system level diagnosis.

Characteristics and application range of isolated ADC ade12021

Product features:

Dual channel configurable isolated digital input.

Single hardware design supports 24 V to 300 V system.

Reliable architecture.

Support system level diagnosis.


Energy transmission and distribution

Multi function relay protection

Substation battery monitoring

Power room or substation interlocking

Merging unit

Circuit breaker status indication

Remote terminal equipment

Building automation

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