Ti announced the launch of two new high-precision operational amplifiers for the high-voltage industrial market – opa211 and opa82. Both amplifiers realize the perfect combination of ultra-low noise, low power consumption, small package size and high bandwidth, providing breakthrough high performance for testing and measurement, instrumentation, imaging, medical, audio and process control applications. Opa211 and opa827 released this time are the first devices developed by TI’s creative bicom3hv complementary bipolar 36V silicon germanium (SiGe) process.

Opa211 is a bipolar input operational amplifier. It only needs 3.6Ma power supply current to realize 1.1nv/rthz voltage noise and 80MHz gain bandwidth (GBW). The device can provide 100? V offset voltage, 0.2? V / DEGC offset voltage drift and less than 1? S, which is very suitable for driving the high-precision analog-to-digital converter in the data acquisition system. In addition, the device also supports the rail to rail output amplitude, so as to expand the dynamic range.

Characteristics and application range of high precision operational amplifiers opa211 and opa82

The operating power supply voltage range of opa211 is ± 2.25V to ± 18V, which is packaged in 8-pin MSOP or 8-pin DFN. The area of 3mm x3mm DFN package is only one third of that of standard 8-pin so package. Bipolar operational amplifier has excellent performance in reducing offset voltage error, which is very suitable for applications with low signal source impedance.

Opa827 is a JFET input operational amplifier, which realizes the perfect combination of excellent DC accuracy and excellent AC performance. DC characteristics include 4.5nv/rthz voltage noise, 250? V offset voltage, 1? V / DEGC offset voltage drift and 400nvpp frequency noise. AC parameters include 18mhz GBW, 22V /? S slew rate and 0.0004% total harmonic distortion (THD) at 1kHz.

The working power supply voltage range of opa827 is ± 4V to ± 18V, and the power supply current is only 4.5mA. The device adopts 8-pin MSOP package, which reduces the occupied area by half compared with 8-pin so package. JFET Operational Amplifier realizes very low bias current, which is very suitable for applications with high signal source impedance.

Ti provides customers with first-class signal chain solutions suitable for high-precision applications, including analog-to-digital converters such as ads8505 and dac8811. Opa211 and opa827 are specially optimized to cooperate with the high-performance DSP platform of titms320 and MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller series. The complementary bipolar 36V SiGe process is adopted for the first time in the industry. Bicom3hv process adopts ti’s most advanced manufacturing technology, which can meet the needs of high-voltage industrial applications in the future. The new process technology realizes the characteristics of high speed, low noise and low power consumption. Compared with the previous generation technology, the packaging area is significantly reduced. Bicom3hv is a 36V industrial process that takes the lead in adopting SiGe technology, and its transistor speed is significantly higher than that of the previous generation technology. Excellent transistor matching and high-precision silicon chromium (SiCr) resistor improve the accuracy, expand the dynamic range and achieve high stability in the whole operating temperature range.

The introduction of silicon insulator (SOI) technology reduces the transistor size. By reducing NPN transistors as much as possible, Ti transistors are only one eleventh the size of similar products using the most advanced process technology. SOI also brings other advantages, such as low leakage current and smaller influence between transistors.

Bicom3hv process technology is ideally suitable for a new generation of industrial voltage operational amplifiers (bipolar input and FET input), instrument amplifiers, programmable gain amplifiers and high-precision references.

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