Dac161s997 is an ultra-low power 16 bit sigma delta digital to analog converter (DAC), which can send analog output current in 4-20mA current loop conforming to industry standard. Dac161s997 has a simple four wire serial peripheral interface (SPI), which can be used for data transmission and DAC function configuration. To help compact loop power applications reduce power consumption and reduce the number of components, the dac161s997 uses an internal ultra-low power reference voltage and an internal oscillator. Dac161s997 has low power consumption, so there is extra current available for the rest of the system. The loop driver of dac161s997 can be connected with HART modulator to inject digital data modulated by frequency shift keying (FSK) into 4-20mA current loop. The perfect combination of the above specifications and characteristics makes dac161s997 very suitable for two-wire and four wire industrial transmitters. Dac161s997 adopts 16 pin 4mm × 4mm ultra-thin square flat leadless (wqfn) package and is rated to operate in an extended industrial temperature range from – 40 ℃ to + 105 ℃.

Characteristics and application range of 16 bit sigma delta DAC 161s997


16 bit resolution

100 μ a ultra low power supply current

Ø 5ppmfs / ° C gain error

Programmable power on condition of Ø pin

Loop error detection and report

Programmable output current error level

Easy connection of addressable remote sensor high speed channel (Hart) modulator

It has highly integrated function set and adopts small ultra-thin square flat leadless (wqfn) – 16 package (4mm × 4mm, 0.5mm spacing)


Two wire 4 to 20mA current loop transmitter

Loop power supply transmitter

Industrial process control

Actuator control

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