The ad74412r is a four channel software configurable I / O solution for building and process control applications. The ad74412r contains functions for analog output, analog input, digital input and resistance temperature detector (RTD) measurement. These functions are integrated in a single-chip solution and have interfaces compatible with serial port interface (SPI).

The kit uses a 16 bit Σ- ∆ analog to digital converter (ADC) and four configurable 13 bit analog-to-digital converters (DAC), which can provide four configurable input / output channels and a set of diagnostic functions.

The ad74412r provides multiple modes. These modes are voltage output, current output, voltage input, externally powered current input, loop powered current input, external RTD measurement, digital input logic and loop powered digital input.

The ad74412r contains a high-precision 2.5V internal reference voltage source for driving DAC and ADC.

Characteristics and application of four channel software configurable input / output scheme ad74412r


Four channel software configurable I / O circuit

Threaded terminal with anti ± 40V protection

Line protection device for preventing power from flowing from threaded terminal to power supply

Six configurable modes

Internal 16 bit with optional 50Hz and 60Hz suppression Σ- ∆ADC

13 bit monotonic DAC

Charge pump capable of realizing true zero voltage output

Internal temperature sensor with accuracy of 5 ° C

On chip diagnosis, including open circuit and short circuit detection

Reliable architecture


Temperature range: − 40 ° C to + 85 ° C

64 pin lfcsp


Building Control Systems

process control

industrial automation

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