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The informatization of education, especially the informatization of basic education, is undergoing new changes. The traditional construction mode based on schools is gradually changing to the mode of centralized construction of regional informatization and shared by all schools. This new model can effectively change the situation of scattered and repeated construction, fragmentation of teaching resources and fragmented administration caused by the school centered information construction. The effective and reasonable aggregation of high-quality education resources in the region can provide effective support for the improvement of education and teaching quality through full sharing and cooperation. Regional education informatization is the integration of Cross School, multi department and multi business systems, which puts forward new requirements and challenges for information system infrastructure

The regional education information center needs to meet a large number of concurrent needs of multiple schools, and put forward higher requirements for network, storage, security and other systems; the bandwidth of each school’s network outlet is insufficient, and the regional network is upgraded as a whole; the business system is constructed in a unified way, and the data of multiple management systems can be exchanged;

Scheme description

Huawei’s regional education informatization solution enables education resources to gather into a cloud, and shares massive digital education and teaching resources, such as electronic textbooks, teaching videos, e-books, demonstration experiments and other materials in the cloud. Relying on high-speed and reliable network, every learner and user can turn cloud into rain and fully enjoy rich information education resources.

Characteristics and application analysis of regional education informatization program

Figure 1: schematic diagram of regional education informatization

Huawei’s regional education informatization solution consists of the following four sub solutions:

Regional education service platform Regional Education Data Center Education MAN digital campus network regional education service platform solution

Scenario analysis:

Teachers are the foundation of the development of education, and improving the level of teachers’ teaching is the key to improve the quality of education. Traditional teacher training methods, such as centralized demonstration, discussion and communication, can only play a role in a small scope and time period, and can not be used for reference by many teachers. This undoubtedly slows down the speed of improving the overall level of education. Increasing the frequency of Demonstration Courses and communication will increase the workload of excellent teachers and limit the frontier research of teaching innovation.

Program overview:

Huawei regional education service platform provides education cloud services for high school, middle school and primary school through a unified access portal. After teachers, students, parents or school administrators log in to the unified access portal, they can access the corresponding applications according to their permissions. Release the time and place restrictions of teacher training and students’ learning, and carry out learning, discussion and communication anytime and anywhere.

All schools under the regional education authorities can directly access the school management platform through web on the service platform to realize the management of teaching affairs. In this way, not only schools and education authorities at all levels can realize the informatization of educational administration, but also effectively solve the problem of data interconnection. Education authorities can view, monitor and count the data of subordinate units and schools anytime and anywhere, and make corresponding decisions and guidance.

Figure 2: architecture of regional education service platform

Solution highlights:

Service platform based on Cloud Architecture, flexible allocation, resource utilization rate to more than 75%; automatically balance the load of each server and business system, ensure the best response of business system; panoramic maintenance tool based on Web, efficient management and maintenance; regional education data center solution

Scenario analysis:

Regional education data center is the basic resource platform shared by all departments and schools, including the core functions of computing, storage, backup and so on. The center is also the public operating environment of other application systems, supporting the key applications of regional education resource management, student status management, teacher management, etc. The common problems and challenges in the construction of regional data center are as follows:

Data center security and scalability; simple and convenient use and management means; growing operation and maintenance costs; Program Overview:

Huawei regional education data center solution is based on the industry-leading cloud computing technology to build a basic resource sharing platform. The scheme has the characteristics of high-performance computing, fast and flexible expansion, convenient management, unified management of network, computing, storage and other resources, allocates resources to schools on demand, realizes various service hosting and application hosting, and provides a safe, reliable and maintenance free basic environment for educational institutions, teachers and students in the region.

The desktop cloud of regional data center is to virtualize part of the computing and storage resources in the data center into a computer, which is “delivered” to each school through the network. In schools, a small computer terminal can be connected to these virtual machines, simultaneous interpreting and operating as traditional computers. In this way, the computers purchased separately in the past were centralized in the servers of the data center, and replaced by the virtual machines with unified maintenance and management. This not only eliminates the maintenance and upgrading of a single computer, but also makes many “computers” in the region time-sharing reuse, greatly improving the utilization of computing resources, thus reducing the amount of infrastructure purchase and maintenance costs in the region.

Figure 3: schematic diagram of Regional Education Data Center

Solution highlights:

Based on the modular data center, it optimizes the energy-saving, refrigeration and power supply solutions; resource pool elastic sharing and automatic scheduling, application rapid development, deployment and upgrading; education man solutions

Scenario analysis:

The goal of education man construction is to make use of advanced and mature network and communication technology to connect all schools in the region, form a large bandwidth, high reliable computer network, and connect with Internet and CERNET safely and controllably. Education man is a comprehensive service carrying network, which needs to meet the needs of high-speed and stable operation of key services such as video conference, teleconference, collaborative office, e-mail and student status management. It also needs to ensure the high reliability of the network and the smooth upgrade ability in the future.

Program overview:

Huawei education man solution is divided into core layer, convergence layer and access layer for large area using man OTN technology. Multiple private virtual networks can be set up on the education metropolitan area network to establish virtual private networks for different functional departments and schools, so as to improve the security. It also provides video conference, entrance examination, distance education, teaching resource sharing, data management and other network services for the whole region; uses the unified network exit, IP address and domain name, and configures DOS, firewall, anti-virus center, information filtering and other equipment and facilities at the metropolitan area network exit to protect the network stability and information security.

Figure 4: Regional Education Network Architecture

Solution highlights:

Adapt to the transmission of large bandwidth services, fast end-to-end opening; simplify network networking and maintenance, improve system integration, reduce the workload of opening and maintenance; high network survivability and reliability, support intelligent protection; have 40g transmission capacity, and can be smoothly upgraded to 100g; digital campus network solution.

Scenario analysis:

Campus informatization is the last kilometer of regional education informatization. At present, most schools are equipped with computer classrooms, multimedia teaching classrooms, teachers also come, more and more access to CERNET or Internet for lesson preparation and teaching. With the increasing application of campus information, the management of school network and it facilities is becoming more and more difficult. Especially for teachers who are also responsible for the maintenance of school IT system, they are tired of dealing with the complicated network equipment, system upgrade and maintenance, prevention of viruses and Trojans and other problems.

Program overview:

Huawei digital campus network solution is a wired and wireless integrated solution, which adopts hierarchical networking. According to the scale of campus network, Quidway series full line speed three-layer switch can be used to realize line speed forwarding and three-layer interworking, and realize multi-layer strategy filtering of line speed, so as to realize VLAN service isolation, Interworking Control, flexible expansion according to service, and flexible management

Flow classification, etc. In the campus wireless network deployment, Huawei adopts a high-capacity AC + fitap shelf, AP is distributed indoors and outdoors, and esight is used for unified management to realize zero configuration of AP, automatic discovery and upgrade, without manual maintenance.

Figure 5: Digital Campus Network Architecture

Solution highlights:

Wired and wireless integrated network, unified management, easy to expand business; wireless with wired, flexible networking; large bandwidth switch AP, router to meet the requirements of high-quality business; the industry’s lowest power consumption equipment, intelligent power supply, green environmental protection.

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