JSR’s “cloud” based scheduling solution aims to provide industry users with an integrated command and scheduling system that transcends regional, spatial and system limitations, meet the business needs of industry users to build a flat integrated command and scheduling platform that can be seen, called and pulled, and provide rich and convenient multimedia resources for leaders’ scientific command and rapid decision-making.

1、 Program overview

The “cloud” scheduling platform follows the layered and block architecture of NGN service and control separation, bearing and access separation. It can quickly provide new extended services in the business application layer, realize the centralized management of services and the integration and interworking of scheduling communication services with other systems such as video, conference, monitoring and monitoring systems, and realize the video services such as voice services, video monitoring and video conference On this basis, it realizes the linkage of multiple services, such as audio and video linkage scheduling, voice / video / positioning information linkage scheduling, etc.

2、 Solutions

3、 Scheme features

1) Platform cloud deployment and business cloud processing

The core platform is deployed in the cloud (HA dual hot standby), the communication services are processed in the cloud, and the resources are shared in the whole network, which makes the services richer and have higher security and reliability. The front end only needs to configure access devices and scheduling terminals.

2) Cloud storage of audio and video data

In the process of communication system support, it is an important part of the dispatching system to record the important dispatching operations, such as dispatching instructions, and record the call records of dispatching station and dispatching communication telephone completely, which can provide original data for future accident analysis and daily management. However, the audio and video recording system will produce a lot of real-time data in the process of operation, and accumulate a lot of data in the long-term application process, which leads to a series of storage and management problems. In the case of cloud based storage system, the storage space of recording and recording devices can be effectively changed It provides an important means and basis for the power dispatching and communication department to find out the accident responsibility and supervise the work quality.

3) Multiple backup mechanisms

The core component of dispatching soft switch equipment adopts 1 + 1 hot standby mode, which can effectively ensure the reliability of the equipment. The real-time data synchronization between cloud dispatching platform servers through IP network ensures the consistency of the original data, business and usage habits of dispatching users and dispatching commanders during business migration, improves the high stability of the system and realizes the transparency of the system to faults handle.

4) Multi service subsystem linkage

Fusion technology is the cornerstone of the basic framework of cloud scheduling platform. Based on fusion technology, cloud scheduling platform abstractly encapsulates multimedia resources for upper business calls. Therefore, cloud scheduling platform can not only realize the access of scheduling soft switch equipment from multiple manufacturers, but also support resource calls across business systems, and realize each business through the functional logic module of business subsystem in the platform Service subsystem resource linkage, providing integrated message and unified collaboration capabilities. For example, the integration of video monitoring system in the cloud dispatching platform can realize the viewing of video monitoring images and control of camera pan tilt on the dispatching console, as well as the realization of audio-video linkage.

5) Multilevel visual command and dispatch authority

Cloud dispatching system provides the function of multi-level command and dispatching authority, which can customize the range of dispatching members and dispatching functions, and provide flexible command and dispatching services for different levels of commanders and different regional branches.

6) Rich multimedia scheduling function

It can also provide voice and video call control, remote call control, voice and video call scheduling for customers All functions of command and dispatch, such as special direction command, group command, special direction report, command transfer, command coordination, monitoring, image dispatch, image forwarding, command call, command notice, etc., are fully realized.

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