1、 Introduction

In the 21st century, human society has entered the information age. With the rapid development of multimedia technology and network technology, people are pursuing a safer and more comfortable way of life. At present, the emerging digital and intelligent application system is the inevitable product of the information age and the ingenious combination of high technology and the development of the times. It is based on the buildings in the region, compatible with intelligent equipment, automation and network systems. It is a set of security, service, management and the optimal combination between them, providing people with a safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient living environment Living environment. The concept of digital and intelligent application system is penetrating into many fields. The digital campus monitoring system is extended from the basic meaning of intelligent application system. Its service object is teachers and students. The purpose of service is to provide a comfortable and safe learning environment for students.

Under the influence of the global digital wave, the construction of digital safe campus has been widely valued. With the development of science and technology, schools all over the country are beginning to contact the theme of digital campus construction from all aspects. In recent years, theft, robbery, cheating, kidnapping and all kinds of violence have occurred in schools all over the country. Recently, a number of vicious crimes against the campus have occurred in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in China, which is even more shocking. How to strengthen the campus security management has become the key consideration of school administrators and public security organs.

The construction of an advanced, effective and highly integrated video monitoring system within the scope of the school has been put on the agenda. Digital video monitoring system is widely used in schools all over the country because of its integrated security, anti-theft alarm, examination room monitoring, courseware production, comprehensive management and other functions. Digital video monitoring system not only ensures the personal safety of teachers and students, reduces the occurrence of all kinds of public security incidents, but also can become a powerful tool for school managers at all levels to effectively manage the classroom and students. Therefore, we have launched a network of digital video surveillance management solutions for the campus. The system can provide modern network video monitoring solutions for managers, realize advanced remote network video monitoring, realize multi-level, large-scale, complete and reliable security management function, effectively monitor the safe operation, and put the process of preventing regional accidents into the lens, providing reference for accident prevention, safety management and unified command With effective image evidence, the management departments at all levels can grasp the real-time safe operation situation at any time, so as to make correct decisions.

2、 Demand analysis

In view of the actual needs of campus projects at this stage, and some security needs that will be expected in the future, we make the following analysis here:

Management requirements: it can achieve the operation management mode of “centralized management and unified command”; the equipment can adapt to the changes of the environment, and can operate efficiently, long-term, reliably and stably; on site monitoring requirements: it can realize the acquisition of high-quality and high stability video images; it can realize the long-distance transmission of high-quality video images; it can realize the remote browsing of video information; it has the function of remote control Function;

Requirements of voice intercom function: realize real-time monitoring of on-site voice, point-to-point remote intercom, center to multipoint voice broadcast.

Requirements for image storage and retrieval: centralized storage can be realized; images can be retrieved and deleted according to management authority.

The demand of alarm function: through specific alarm equipment, it can alarm the unexpected events through preset ways, such as sound, light, electricity, SMS, telephone, e-mail, and trigger video recording. The most important requirement is to be able to realize the alarm networking with the 110 command center of the Public Security Bureau, and be able to report to 110 at the first time.

Other special function requirements: such as intelligent image recognition function, using intelligent image recognition technology to obtain information in the image, can be used for face recognition, image recognition, target tracking and other functions. Such as the electronic map function, through the electronic map, the monitoring point can be directly adjusted, set, alarm linkage operation, so that users can feel and apply more vividly.

The expansibility requirement of the system: it can expand the number of management and monitoring points in a fast and simple way without increasing high cost and complicated installation.

Requirements of system management authority function: it can realize accurate authority setting, and different personnel have different operation authority.

Requirements for diversity of uses: a front-end camera may need to adapt to different requirements and have different functions in different occasions. For example, the security management front-end in the classroom may be required to have electronic examination room and remote open class functions at the same time.

3、 System features

This set of networked digital video monitoring and management solutions for safe campus will fully meet the needs of campus security, management and functions

Full consideration of on-site requirements for front-end configuration: we will select each video front-end according to the different characteristics of each campus, and fully consider the required functions to meet the different needs of different occasions, so as to achieve the most functions with the least cost;

Make full use of existing resources for transmission: choose different transmission methods for different campus environments, such as: in the face of large campus environment, make full use of campus network resources for image and audio signal transmission; in the face of small and medium-sized campus environment, use cable or optical fiber for transmission, etc;

Comprehensive integration of back-end display control: through the configuration of different functions of back-end control software, fully consider the campus security and comprehensive functional response, integrate resources and make efficient use of them. The back-end analysis software will analyze the front-end behavior of each video, and the functions such as face recognition, crowd intensive alarm and loss alarm can fully meet the needs of campus security.

The system has strict data and equipment security. The management departments at all levels can operate the video images and videos through different permissions. It is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to tamper with, delete videos and adjust the camera position without authorization. Moreover, the system has image loss and focal length change alarm, and the current end equipment is damaged, or the focal length is artificially changed to make the image change In case of ambiguity, the back-end software will give an alarm to the personnel on duty, which ensures that the front-end equipment will not be damaged, and fundamentally solves the crime means of violent destruction of the front-end which has been difficult to overcome in the previous security problems.

4、 Typical system configuration list

Characteristics and application analysis of intelligent network video management system in Ping An Campus

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