IDT enterprise mrc32438 integrated communication processor introduced by IDT company can increase the bandwidth of communication system applied in enterprise and access network, including desktop / workgroup switching, gateway, wireless access point (WAP) and virtual private network (VPN) equipment. It is also a platform for IDT to develop future products, such as emerging embedded security and aggregation gateway products.

Rc32438 integrated communication processor has 32-bit MIPS? CPU, dual data rate (DDR) memory controller, 32-bit v2.2pci controller and two on-chip Ethernet interfaces. Designers can choose popular embedded operating systems, including VxWorks and Linux, as well as various development tools, which can reduce the project design cycle and speed up the product market.

Rc32438 has several features to improve the system bandwidth. The two Ethernet interfaces reduce the communication traffic of other shared external buses, thus increasing the bandwidth for other peripherals, improving the system bandwidth and reducing the cost of the whole system. PCI bus is an industry standard interface, which has a variety of peripherals supporting low-cost network, storage and image. The PCI bus controller in rc32438 is optimized for burst data and can provide continuous burst for constant throughput. DDR memory controller in rc32438 provides system designers with higher memory bandwidth than SDRAM solution. The device also has a logic circuit that can monitor the processing on the ipbus, providing customers with an opportunity to adjust the device to obtain the best performance of individual system configuration.

Characteristics and application analysis of integrated circuit communication processor tmrc32438

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