1、 Keithleysourcemeter optical instrument product introduction:

With Keithley instrument, the liv (optical power current voltage) system can be easily constructed to test the laser diode module economically and efficiently.

Fiber alignment photodiode meter 2502: high speed analog output enables liv testing to be performed on the fiber alignment bench.

Pulsed laser diode test system with optional integrating sphere 2520 / kit1: synchronous test system, providing pure source and measurement function for pulsed and continuous liv test.

Note: This product cannot be delivered to EU countries. Details.

Tecsourcemetersmu, 2510 and 2510-at: ensure strict temperature control for laser diode modules by controlling their thermoelectric coolers.

Characteristics and application advantages of Keithley SourceMeter optical instruments

2、 Features of keithleysourcemeter optical instrument:

Active temperature control

50wtec controller

All digital p-i-d control

Automatic tuning function for thermal control loop (2510-at)

Wide temperature set point range (– 50 ° C to + 225 ° C) and high set point resolution (± 0.001 ° C) and stability (± 0.005 ° C)

Compatible with a variety of temperature sensor inputs – thermistor, RTD and IC sensors

AC ohm measurement function

Four wire open / short lead detection for thermal feedback components

3、 Advantages of keithleysourcemeter optical instrument:

To prevent the temperature change may cause the main output wavelength of laser diode to change, resulting in signal overlap and crosstalk problems.

Higher test speed and wider temperature setting range than other low power solutions.

It provides higher temperature stability and can be easily upgraded through simple firmware changes.

The combination of P, I and D coefficients can be determined without repeated experiments.

It can meet the test requirements of most cooling optical components and subassemblies.

Suitable for all kinds of temperature sensors commonly used in laser diode module.

Verify the integrity of Tec devices.

Eliminate lead resistance measurement error, reduce the possibility of false fault or equipment damage.

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