Decoding chip is an indispensable and important part in digital audio system. In short, decoding chip is responsible for converting digital signals that people cannot perceive into audible analog signals, and this process can be shown indirectly; In recent years, hi res audio (high resolution audio) is becoming a new trend in the audio industry. This audio standard is much higher than the CD level lossless sound quality. However, if you want to really hear this high-quality music, a high-quality decoding chip in the system is essential.

With the increasing requirements of digital signal processing technology, digital circuit speed and system sensitivity, higher requirements are put forward for high-speed and high-precision ADC. ADC plays a key role in high-speed sampling; ADC performance directly affects the performance of the whole system, and ADC performance test becomes very important.

SNR is also an important index in the decoding chip, which reflects the ratio of normal sound signal to noise signal in the playback process; High signal-to-noise ratio indicates that the audio signal is subject to little interference and high sound restoration. If the signal-to-noise ratio is low, you may hear some noise that does not exist in the original sound, and the sound distortion is high. Therefore, decoding chips with high SNR are usually better.

Here we recommend an es9023p chip produced by ess company of the United States, which is the agent of the industrial acquisition network. The es9023p is a 24 bit stereo audio DAC and an integrated 2Vrms operational amplifier driver. It integrates the best sound quality and high cost performance. The patented hyperstream architecture and time domain jitter elimination technology are used internally, so that it can achieve jitter free recording level sound quality with a dynamic range of 112dB.

The es9023p chip has the following advantages:

(1) Es9023p resistance is small, and the error is only 10uv;

(2) Dedicated control / status pins allow easy integration into the system without single-chip control.

(3) Resolution is a very important index to measure ADC accuracy; Es9023p has 24bit;

(4) Support DSD, FLAC, ape, FLAC and many kinds of lossless music, so that you can enjoy higher quality music.

(5) Accuracy is a parameter that superimposes various errors on the basis of ADC minimum scale. It is an indicator that can directly measure the accuracy of ADC sampling. Es9023p minimizes the system error; So as to improve the accuracy.

(6) It can directly output 2Vrms from the reference ground line under the single power supply, eliminating the coupling capacitance of DC voltage isolation. Moreover, the output amplitude can be set to less than 2Vrms through resistance according to actual needs.

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