Zph handheld antenna feeder analyzer is a single port analyzer equipped with all necessary basic measurement functions, which is suitable for antenna system installed and maintained on site. Its unique features ensure fast and efficient cable and antenna measurements. The easy-to-use analyzer is equipped with a touch screen and a large keyboard.

Zph handheld antenna feeder analyzer is equipped with short startup and warm-up time and ultra fast speed, which can start analysis immediately and avoid wasting time. Measurement settings and pre configuration settings can be drawn in advance. This product is equipped with wizard function, which can complete rapid and accurate measurement in a single step. Measurement reports can be easily generated through instrumentview software.

The battery only needs to be charged once, and its power can support a whole working day. The keyboard lights up to help you work in the dark. Zph is equipped with the capacitive touch screen with the latest technology, which has completely changed the way users interact with the analyzer. Just touch the screen gently to add signs and change settings. Zph is equipped with the above functions and ergonomic design, which is most suitable for fast and efficient field measurement.

Features and advantages:


• quickly and easily change settings

• faster measurement speed

• fastest startup and warm-up time

• fast measurement – no correction required

• quickly complete the setting through the wizard function


• one charge can be used for a whole day

• buy when you need it

• single step correction

• simplify measurement with Genie function

• leverage Android or IOS apps

Remote control standard measurement mode

• breakpoint distance measurement

• breakpoint distance measurement and reflection loss: combined measurement

• voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) measurement

• single port cable loss measurement

• phase display

• Smith chart display

Select measurement mode

• power measurement using power sensors

• channel meter

• pulse measurement with power sensor

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