Important requirements for production audio analyzers: high-speed measurements, parallel signal processing for multi-channel applications, high reliability in continuous operation. If in addition you need an economical instrument, the solution is the UPP Series Audio Analyzer; and depending on the model, two, four or eight channels can be processed in parallel. By cascading multiple instruments, users can trigger up to 48 measurement channels simultaneously.

UPP audio analyzers are compact and cost-effective solutions designed for system applications. The analyzer has a low profile and no front panel controls or integrated display. The instrument can be remotely controlled via LAN, USB or IEC/IEEE interface bus. Combined with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard, the instrument becomes a manually operable laboratory bench meter. The instrument has an integrated control PC and the required software is already installed, allowing the user to start measuring immediately.

With the same operating principle and remote control functions, the UPV and UPP audio analyzers are powerfully combined: they offer an optimal solution for R&D and production applications, respectively, and can be well-coordinated in the event that instrument settings or measurement programs have to be changed .

main feature:

• Fits all interfaces: analog, digital and combo

• Parallel measurements on up to eight channels

• Maximum bandwidth 80kHz, sampling rate 200kHz

• User programmable filters for use with audio analyzers and signal generators

• Compact instrument with low height and PC integration

Key benefits and features:

powerful and fast

• Parallel measurements for high throughput

• High-speed measurements covering the entire system

• Ideal for production line use

• Multi-channel measurements by cascading

All test signal and measurement functions in one

• Generate a wide range of analog signals and configure the UPP-B2/UPP-B4/UPP-B8 options to generate digital test signals

• A wide range of measurements are available on both the standard analog interface and the optional UPP-B2/UPP-B4 digital interface

• Powerful and smooth multi-channel FFT analysis down to sub-1Hz resolution

• User programmable filters: adapt to individual measurement tasks in seconds

• Integrated control PC: manual operation with only external monitor, mouse and keyboard

One instrument integrates multiple interfaces

• Two-, four- or eight-channel audio analyzer with analog inputs

• Analog generator output (dual channel)

• AES/EBU and S/PDIF interfaces for measuring digital audio components (requires UPP-B2 option)

• I2S interface for testing audio integrated circuits (requires UPP-B2 option)

• HDMI device test (UPP-B4 option)

• The generator and analyzer interfaces can be set up independently of each other or combined in any combination

The overall operation is convenient

• Advanced, intuitive user interface, easy to learn and quicker to operate

• All test results at a glance

• Effective online help function

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