Since smart phones gave birth to a huge MEMS sensor market, the competition among MEMS suppliers has become more and more fierce. However, MEMS manufacturers in IDM mode continue to be in a leading position. At present, international manufacturers such as Bosch, STMicroelectronics and Honeywell occupy more than 60% of the global MEMS market. 80% of the chips in China’s market depend on foreign imports, and 70% of domestic MEMS enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises The products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low end.


Since its establishment in 1997, swam micro has realized the integrated layout of chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, which has laid a solid foundation for its gradual development into a supplier of memsidm. Since 2010, Swaziland microelectronics has invested a lot of money in the development of a series of sensor products such as acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor and pressure sensor. It has achieved batch manufacturing capacity in 6-inch and 8-inch chip production lines, and established its own MEMS packaging and testing production line. It has initially embarked on the IDM development road of a series of sensors, and has applied for more than 100 related invention patents.

In November 2012, Swaziland microelectronics successfully developed the first MEMS inertial accelerometer circuit sc7a30; in August 2013, Swaziland microelectronics launched the first three-axis magnetic sensor circuit sc7m30; both products adopt LGA package of 3.0mmx3.0mmx1.0mm, which can be used in various occasions such as smart phones and flat panel computers.

In 2016, Swaziland launched the first single chip six axis inertial sensor sc7i20 in China. In February 2019, the company launched a series of high-performance MEMS silicon microphones specially developed for the fast-growing consumer terminal market.


Inertial accelerometer circuit sc7a30

At present, the company’s series of sensor products mainly include: acceleration sensor, gyroscope, multi axis inertial sensor, geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, silicon microphone, proximity and ambient light sensor, heart rate sensor, current sensor, angle and position sensor, vehicle tire pressure sensor, Hall sensor, etc.


The research and development of microelectronic MEMS sensors in Swaziland is supported by the national major science and technology projects. In 2013, the company undertook the project of “integrated technology for manufacturing and packaging of intelligent sensor products for mobile terminals and Internet of things”. At present, the project has passed the comprehensive performance evaluation.

On January 10, 2020, the State Council held the 2019 National Science and technology award conference. The project of “key technologies and applications of high efficiency analog-to-digital converter and analog front-end chip” participated by Swaziland microelectronics won the second prize of National Technology Invention Award. The project invented high efficiency configurable analog-to-digital converter and analog front-end chip architecture, high efficiency error digital calibration and high precision clock, high efficiency analog front-end sampling and other technologies, which can be applied to multi-dimensional sensor and lithium battery management system And other products, to solve the problem of independent and controllable development of high-efficiency analog-to-digital converter and analog front-end chip.

pIYBAGAQ2yeAUx75AANoiu_ 6fKw490.png

On August 26, 2020, the results of the 14th (2019) China Semiconductor innovative products and technologies evaluation sponsored by China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Electronic Materials Industry Association, China Electronic Special Equipment Industry Association and China electronic newspaper were announced. Swaziland microelectronics is on the list of “three axis micromechanical digital acceleration sensor” and won the title of “the 14th (2019) China Semiconductor innovative products and technologies”.

At present, the top ten MEMS companies in the world are all European, American and Japanese enterprises. The major international MEMS companies (HP, Ti, STMicroelectronics, Bosch, etc.) all operate in the IDM (design / manufacturing integration) mode. It can be said that the IDM mode has more advantages in MEMS products. This is due to:

Firstly, there is no standard process for manufacturing sensors, and different types of sensors adopt different process routes;

Secondly, a sensor product can be regarded as a system, and its packaging has a great impact on the performance and possibility of the product;

Thirdly, the wafer test and product test of sensors and sensor systems are very different from common CMOS chips;

Finally, IDM manufacturers have stronger stability and flexibility for MEMS production and supply.


Three axis acceleration sensor chip sc7a20

Taking accelerometer sensor as an example, the representative international manufacturers, including STMC and Bosch, are IDM manufacturers with high performance and true triaxial, but they also have high price and certain risks in delivery time. Although domestic manufacturers have certain advantages in price, they often have problems in production capacity and product reliability because they are mostly failure enterprises If it can meet the needs of customers, even some products may be pseudo triaxial. By virtue of its built-in MEMS sensor chip with excellent mechanical shock resistance and reflow soldering shock resistance, Swaziland micro accelerometer sensor products have won the recognition of many top brand smart phone customers in the world. At present, they have been widely used in many top brand smart phones.

pIYBAGAQ21uATob5AAJT_ YTAt1s117.png

With its long-term accumulation in MEMS design and manufacturing, Swaziland microelectronics can continuously provide customers with differentiated products and high-quality services while optimizing manufacturing costs. The company has accumulated more customers in the field of smart phones and smart wear. So far, the cumulative shipment of accelerometer sensors has exceeded 300 million.

With the further expansion of sensor products in smart phones, tablet computers, smart bracelets, smart door locks, dash cam, TWS earphones and other fields, it is expected that the shipment of MEMS sensor products of the company will grow rapidly in the future.

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