Series of WCDMA / HSPA power amplifiers awu6601 / 02 / 04 / 05 / 08 launched by anadigics. The series of power amplifiers integrate RF power couplers that can be connected by Daisy ring, which can simplify the design of 3G mobile phones, data cards, modems and other UMTS user equipment. Using the industry-leading help3 technology, anadigics’s new integrated power amplifier can provide the required high output power and linearity for advanced 3G networks with the lowest battery current consumption.

The RF coupler in each power amplifier generally has 20dB directivity and 20dB coupling coefficient. The coupler input and output ports support Daisy ring connection RF design, which greatly simplifies the circuit board design of multi band 3G equipment. Each power amplifier in this series can be used to obtain the best performance in a specific UMTS frequency band. Samples of new products have been provided to some customers.

Awu6601, dedicated to umts2100 (band 1);

Awu6602, dedicated to umts1900 (Band 2);

Awu6604, dedicated to umts1700 (bands 3, 4 and 9);

Awu6605, dedicated to umts850 (bands 5 and 6);

Awu6608, dedicated to umts900 (Band 8).

Awu6601 product features

• comply with HSPA characteristics;

• ingaphbt technology;

• 2 deviation modes with simplified calibration function;

• low quiescent current: 8Ma;

• off mode low leakage current: 1 μ A;

• internal voltage regulator;

• 50 Ω system is optimized;

• thin, small surface mount packages.

For details, see:

Awu6601 functional block diagram

Characteristic and function analysis of WCDMA / HSPA power amplifier awu6601 / 02 / 04 / 05 / 08

Awu6601 application circuit diagram

Awu6601 / 02 / 04 / 05 / 08: WCDMA / HSPA power amplifier

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