In recent years, with the rapid development of global e-sports industry, E-sports enthusiasts are keen to pay for professional game peripherals such as high-performance keyboard and mouse, head mounted voice equipment and high-resolution curved screen. Among them, the electronic competition mechanical keyboard is highly sought after by professional players with its high-quality operation feel and game experience. According to the statistics of Huajing Industry Research Institute, the market scale of mechanical keyboard will grow from 570 million yuan to 1.46 billion yuan with a compound annual growth rate of 26.7% from 2014 to 2018, and it is expected to reach 2.11 billion yuan in 2021.


Mechanical keyboard is a high-end game peripherals, each key is controlled by an independent switch closed, key clear, high sensitivity, suitable for games, office scenes.

Apm32f072xb Series MCUApplication scheme of game machine keyboard

Jihai 32-bit industrial expansion type apm32f072xb Series MCU has high integration, low power consumption, strong expansion control function, working frequency of 48mhz, voltage range of 2.0V ~ 3.6V, flash64-128kb, sram16kb. The working temperature range can cover – 40 ℃ ~ + 105 ℃. Qfn48 and lqfp48 / 64 / 100 packages are available.

Changyouxin world | Jihai apm32f072xb game machine keyboard application scheme

Apm32f072xb can provide the following functions for peripheral devices such as mechanical keyboard / mouse / joystick


Application scheme of game machine keyboard

Quick response and easy development

Based on armcortex-m0 + kernel, compared with the traditional 8-bit MCU keyboard scheme, it can realize more complex self-tuningDefine programming algorithm, support high return, no delay real-time response control; at the same time, it has excellent portability, and can improve the performanceIt provides a convenient general development environment, which helps to reduce the workload of engineers and accelerate the development and marketing of application solutions.

Intelligent anti shake and efficient operation

New TSC capacitance touch control function, which can be used for proximity, touch key, linear or rotary sensor; support power on / power off reset,It can be mapped to the external interrupt vector, which helps to collect a large number of key signals, reduce the amplitude of waveform oscillation, and realize the intelligent control of mechanical keyboardIt’s anti shake.Full speed USB module supports operation without external crystal oscillator to reduce system costEmbedded full speed USB2.0 interface, supports BCD and LPM, customer design does not need to consider the external crystal application circuit, which is conducive to saving component cost and PCB space, improving pin utilization, and avoiding adverse problems in the process of processing. (for more cost sensitive customers, you can choose the cut version apm32f071xb and apm32f070xb)

With complete usb-if certification, effectively guarantee the export of terminal productsBuilt in 7-channel DMA controller, 5 6-bit universal timers and 1 16 bit advanced timer are used for infrared control decoding or DAC control, which can easily realize led band, RGB full-color backlight and other lighting modes. At the same time, the series of chips have passed the compatibility test, meet the quality requirements of USB devices, and have passed the usb-if certification to meet the export demand of customer terminal products.


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