Recently, according to jiahejinwei’s official website, guangweiqi Pro DDR4 memory module, China’s first China chip DDR4 memory module, has been mass produced in Pingshan, Shenzhen.

Changxin DRAM is adopted, and the first Chinese chip DDR4 memory module is on sale

Photo by: Jiahe Jinwei

Guangweiyi Pro DDR4 memory module is made of Changxin DRAM granule, which is produced by Shenzhen jiahejinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiahejinwei claims that guangweiyi Pro DDR4 is the first domestic memory module in China to use independent domestic chips, and its performance and quality can meet the needs of the consumer market. Its appearance fills the gap of domestic consumer market and marks the successful rise of domestic storage.

According to the official introduction, guangweiyi Pro DDR4 has two models: desktop and notebook.

Guangweiyi Pro DDR4 desktop memory module is divided into two specifications: 8g capacity version, 3000MHz frequency, memory module timing is 16-18-18-38, voltage is 1.35v, price is 218 yuan; 16g capacity version, 2666mhz frequency, memory module timing is 19-19-19-43, voltage is 1.2V, price is 418 yuan.

Guangweiyi Pro DDR4 notebook memory module also has two specifications: the 8g capacity version, the frequency is 2666mhz, the memory module timing is 19-19-19-43, the voltage is 1.2V, the price is 228 yuan; the 16g capacity version, the frequency, timing, voltage and 8g version are the same, the price is 428 yuan.

Changxin DRAM is adopted, and the first Chinese chip DDR4 memory module is on sale

According to Pingshan news release, based on the breakthrough of domestic storage products, jiahejinwei has designed and produced these two products, which are mainly used in the daily use of PC and server industry, and have been adapted with the products of dawning, Tongfang, Beijing Computer Institute and other companies in the market.

Zhang Zhe, executive deputy general manager of jiahejinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that at present, the domestic chip industry generally relies on manual testing, which is relatively backward, while the foreign DRAM chip testing equipment is expensive, so we independently developed a set of testing equipment, with independent research and development of software and hardware.


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