According to statistics, nearly 90% of enterprises in the world have suffered cyber attacks. Targeted network attacks around important festivals, important activities and major conferences are becoming more and more intense, and a series of attack activities such as web page tampering, DDoS attacks, website back door implantation and page counterfeiting emerge one after another. In addition, during major events, the public’s attention to business sites is often doubled, and various security threats are constantly amplified. Any successful intrusion may have a serious impact.

How to reduce network security risks, increase the security of network infrastructure, key websites and business systems, and avoid all kinds of network security accidents and hazards has become an urgent issue for government and enterprise units during major activities. Changting Technology launched the security solution for major events to help government and enterprise units reduce network security risks during the re insurance period and effectively avoid the frequent occurrence of various network security accidents.

During the re insurance period, the safety risk is amplified, and the integrated guarantee system is the key

During major events, affected by the protection time and the particularity of support needs, the malicious attacks suffered by government and enterprise units have increased significantly, and each stage is facing different challenges: in the early stage of the event, the potential risks may not be completely eliminated due to insufficient preparation time, and the defense of key links is particularly important; During the activity, the protection task is heavy and the security requirements are high. At this stage, the means of network attack are constantly iterative, and the targeted attack is stronger. Once the network is attacked, it puts forward higher requirements for the timeliness of emergency response; After the activity, it is necessary to deeply analyze the original reason, form a summary report and improve the daily safety operation and maintenance ability.

Changting heavy security solution proposes that in order to ensure the smooth operation of business and avoid bad events such as business interruption and publicity of reactionary information caused by illegal attacks, the security department should pay close attention to the construction of key network infrastructure, key websites and business systems, and build an integrated security system through clear division of responsibilities and cooperation.

With the combination of products and services, Changting provides complete solutions

According to the safety assurance idea during major activities, Changting technology customized the matching combination of products and services for enterprises according to different safety needs, targeted to solve the weak links of safety, comprehensively improve the security defense ability of government and enterprise units, effectively deal with the security threats during the period of re insurance, and ensure the daily safe operation of business systems.

Combined with the experience accumulated in daily projects, Changting technology helps government and enterprise units quickly improve their security capabilities and improve the construction of defense system through security services, and provides a full range of services including security expert duty, emergency response, security consultation, attack and defense drill, security training, security awareness detection and vulnerability risk notification. At the same time, Changting technology further strengthens the security construction of government and enterprise units, expands the scope of security defense, and makes the attack invisible through a variety of security products such as website continuous monitoring, anti DDoS attack, web page tamper protection, web application protection, security assessment and detection, honeypot trap, host security protection and so on.

Since its establishment, Changting technology has always insisted on providing faster, more accurate and more intelligent security protection for government and enterprise units, and launched a number of special security solutions, including attack and defense drill security service solutions, honeypot practice solutions based on attack and defense confrontation ideas. The company has a number of world-class and national security experience in important activities, and has in-depth research in emergency response, red and blue confrontation, enterprise security construction and other directions. It has won the first class certificate of “security risk assessment” and “network security training” issued by the professional committee of communication network security, and won the first prize of “2019 Hainan network security actual attack and defense drill” and many other honors. At present, Changting technology has successfully completed network security for many major national conferences and activities, such as the “the Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum, the 11th National Minority Traditional Sports Games, the 7th world military games, etc.

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