The intelligent sanitation equipment used in Juzizhou scenic spot. In the future, combined with 5g network, the equipment will operate more stably and flexibly.

5g era is coming. However, are you curious about what changes 5g will bring to our lives? Starting today, Changsha Evening News and handheld Changsha launched a series of reports on “changing life in 5g era”, which will take you to visit the rich application scenarios of 5g, feel the convenience and surprise brought by new Internet technology to production and life, and the infinite imagination space that will be opened soon.

Changsha Juzizhou launched the world's first driverless sweeping robot combined with 5g network technology

The weather is fine on the weekend. At more than 10 a.m., Orange Island Scenic Spot is full of tourists. On the square outside the subway station, a silver gray sanitation robot is shuttling back and forth tirelessly, and the ground is clean and new… This is a member of the world’s first sanitation intelligent robot operation Cluster – driverless sweeping robot C200.

The 5g intelligent sanitation equipment Juzizhou intelligent cleaning demonstration project jointly operated by Juzizhou scenic spot and Zoomlion environment Co., Ltd. has not only upgraded the cleaning of the scenic spot from traditional manual to mechanized and unmanned since its launch in 2018, but also completed the main cleaning work of the scenic spot instead of manual work to a great extent during the epidemic. As a pilot site for the trial promotion of intelligent sanitation technology, this project provides a model display for the implementation of intelligent sanitation throughout the country.

Experience the sanitation robot to keep the scenic spot clean without dead corners

At 6 a.m. every day, the sanitation intelligent robot “tiantuan” in Orange Island Scenic Spot goes to work. The road cleaning vehicle first sprinkles water around the island along the main road of the scenic spot to wash the road surface, and washes the garbage and leaves to both sides of the road. No one sweeps 18C to follow, washes the ground and transports the collected garbage to the garbage treatment station. During the day, the number of tourists in the scenic area gradually increases. Driverless road maintenance vehicles 5040 take up their posts, clean up small-scale garbage by means of jet waves and machine cleaning, and reduce catkins for willows in spring. At the same time, in stations, squares and other places with more tourists, the driverless sweeping robot C200 carries out regionalized and real-time cleaning according to the lines preset by the programmer to ensure that it meets the requirements of “garbage removal from the site within 15 minutes” in the scenic spot

Jiang Ning, project manager of Juzhou Zhonglian Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., introduced that Juzizhou scenic spot covers an area of 94 hectares and has rich green vegetation. Before, it has always adopted the traditional manual cleaning mode. As the urban reception hall and online red card punching place in Changsha, the number of tourists has reached new highs in recent years, especially the surge of passenger flow on holidays and the sharp increase of environmental cleaning pressure. In April 2018, Changsha municipal government officially launched the application of intelligent sanitation facilities and environmental improvement project of Juzizhou scenic spot, which is the world’s first demonstration ecological scenic spot project of intelligent cleaning and new energy unmanned sanitation operation.

Since the operation of the project for more than a year, a series of clean energy, intelligent and automatic sanitation equipment have been in stable operation, serving 15000 to 22000 tourists every day and handling 15 to 20 tons of garbage every day. At present, Zoomlion environment is cooperating with Kuwa robot to upgrade the existing L2 level unmanned road sweeper and intelligent sanitation robot system. With the successful implementation and continuous improvement of the project, it will lay a solid foundation for Changsha to become the first autonomous city in China.

Prospect 5g helps upgrade unmanned intelligent cleaning system

The reporter saw at the scene that during the operation of unmanned intelligent cleaning equipment group, programmers and safety officers were arranged to monitor and maintain the system in the whole process. “With the full commercial and site coverage of 5g, this situation will be completely changed. One person in the control center can control all unmanned devices on the continent through monitoring the large screen. Even after work at night, the staff can configure multiple unmanned devices through the background program to carry out multiple rounds of coordinated operation around the island, and the unmanned intelligent cleaning system will play a greater role.” Introduction to technicians.

It is understood that the Zoomlion environmental project team is currently responsible for cleaning and garbage removal of roads, pavilions, signs, pond waters, garbage cans and green spaces in Juzizhou scenic spot. At present, the whole scenic spot has invested 4 sets of unmanned equipment (one road maintenance vehicle, one unmanned road sweeper and two unmanned picking robots) and 23 sets of new energy equipment, with a total investment of about 13.54 million yuan. The integrated waste compression station is used to replace the original buried waste station, and the new energy intelligent cleaning, cleaning, intelligent sanitation robot and waste collection and transportation equipment are invested. The intelligent sanitation system platform is customized for the scenic spot, and the AI intelligent sanitation equipment combined with the intelligent sanitation system is the first to provide a model display for the implementation of intelligent sanitation throughout the country.

However, the reporter also learned that since the system platform and equipment operation still rely on 4G network, the network has the phenomenon of signal weakening when encountering bridges and buildings, and the stability and delay of sanitation intelligent robot operation cluster need to be further improved.

Accelerate 5g full coverage to escort intelligent applications

According to Wu Kuilin, head of Changsha mobile network quality management department, the application of intelligent sanitation cloud system and robot puts forward higher requirements for network technology, which requires corresponding modules and network support. 5g technology can provide low delay and high-speed services through network slicing, so that unmanned intelligent cleaning systems and equipment can obtain better security and performance guarantee.

At present, in the Orange Island Scenic Spot, 5g coverage has been preliminarily realized from the Orange Island Bridge to the Youth Art Statue of Mao Zedong. Changsha mobile plans to realize 5g full coverage of the scenic spot by the end of June this year and build it into a boutique network of the whole city. Meanwhile, the construction of 5g sites of Changsha mobile in the locations of Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry and other enterprises is accelerating, and some 5g sites have been opened; 5g coverage of pedestrian street, ifs and other key commercial centers has been realized, and 5g coverage of quantang, Kaifeng and other logistics parks is being stepped up.

It is reported that by the end of April this year, Changsha mobile will have 8100 5g sites in the city, and the 5g sites in the city will be basically covered within the year.

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