Today, Changan New Energy officially announced that due to the impact of the shortage of upstream raw materials and the production capacity of complete vehicles and parts, the delivery cycle of its Benben E-Star National Edition model will be longer, in order to better serve the existing customers. Customers who place orders will suspend the receipt of orders for Benben E-Star National Edition models from 00:00 on April 25, 2022.

The announcement also mentioned that Changan New Energy will go all out to coordinate production resources to meet the production schedule of existing orders for customers who have placed orders through official channels such as Changan New Energy’s official account and Benben car booking applet. , to ensure that users who have booked a car can pick up the car as soon as possible.

The Benben E-Star National Edition belongs to the Benben E-Star series launched by Changan in January last year. The minimum price of this model is 29,800 yuan, the body length is 3.73m, and the battery life is 150km. 4.9s, the maximum speed can reach 125km/h

Since 2021, the price of raw materials for new energy vehicles has continued to rise. Many automakers have complained, and they can only increase the prices of their models. It is understood that Changan New Energy stopped some E-Star models and E-Rock models at the end of last year. The order received by the company also raised the selling price of its vehicles at the beginning of this year.

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