TCL releases third generation miniled display technology — odzero

In this year’s ces2021, TCL released the third generation miniled display technology odzero, which is lighter than the previous vidrian technology. This is why TCL TV equipped with odzero technology has become the Thinnest LCD / LED panel TV product in the market.

The reason why TCL is so thin is that the distance between the miniled backlight layer and the LCD panel is 0 mm, that is, the complete fit is realized, so as to form an extremely thin panel with high contrast and brightness.

In addition, TCL also released new miniled, qled and 4khdr TV. Tcl4kminiledc825 TV is another representative work of TCL in the field of miniled.

CES 2021 smart TV products worth watching

Tclc825 adopts multi zone backlight control technology to realize fine adjustment of brightness.

The TV uses quantum dot display technology, with higher gamut and more accurate light control, to achieve the ultimate picture quality effect.

At the same time, tclc825 is equipped with Dolby vision and supports Dolby panoramic sound, so that users can enjoy a theater level audio-visual experience at home.

Hisense releases XDR TV and panchromatic laser TV

At the ces2021 exhibition, Hisense, the sponsor of the European Cup, launched the customized version of uledu7 series for the 60th anniversary of the European Cup. It adopted the miniled, 4k120hz image quality chip and 8K image quality chip independently developed by Hisense to support 144hz high refresh and XDR high dynamic range.

It is understood that the new uledu7 series is the industry’s first XDR TV.

Unlike previous HDR, XDR can push the dynamic range to the extreme and launch a new challenge to reproduce the light and dark contrast seen by human eyes and the color in the natural world.

In addition, Hisense announced at the press conference that it will launch a full range of 75 inch to 100 inch full-color laser TV products, and officially released the first full-color laser TV l9f with social function and other new products.

Yu Zhitao, President of Hisense video, said: in 2021, as the leader of laser display industry, Hisense will bring laser TV into the era of full color.

It is understood that Hisense’s new full-color laser TV adopts RGB three primary color full-color light source architecture, single laser light source does not interfere with each other, and the color rendering is more pure. The large highlight chip makes the brightness in front of the screen reach 430 nits, exceeding the brightness standard of digital TV.

Hisense’s exclusive three color laser design eliminates the mixing part of the color wheel, reducing the volume of the optical engine by 30%.

In the future, Hisense will also launch screen sound laser TV and commercial laser TV with more than 10000 lumens, and mass produce curly screen laser TV.

Lgdisplay announces transparent OLED TV

Lgdisplay announced a 55 inch transparent OLED color TV.

According to the official home scene demonstration, this transparent TV can be placed at the end of the bed. In the storage state, it has a long bar small window to display the date and time. In the half rising state, it can display the user’s sleep duration and heart rate data. After waiting for the full rising, it is a complete large screen TV, which can enjoy programs, movies, etc.

LG says the transparency of OLED screens is 40%, which is a big upgrade from the 10% level in previous years.

Transparent OLED is mainly ultra-thin, so it adopts screen vibration sound technology, and can move freely at home with the base.

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