Ceramic Antenna – The Best Choice for Small Bluetooth Modules

Ceramic antennas are another miniaturized antenna suitable for use in Bluetooth modules.

Ceramic antennas can be divided into block ceramic antennas and multi-layer ceramic antennas. The former uses high temperature to sinter the entire ceramic body at one time, and then prints the metal part of the antenna on the surface of the ceramic block; the latter is The multi-layer ceramics are laminated and aligned by low-temperature co-firing, and then sintered together at a temperature of 800~900 degrees. The metal conductor of this antenna can be placed on each ceramic dielectric layer according to the design needs, so that it can be Effectively reduce the size of the antenna, reduce the overall size of the Bluetooth module, and achieve the purpose of hiding the design and layout of the antenna.

In terms of dielectric constant, ceramic antennas are higher than pcb on-board antennas, so using ceramic antennas can effectively reduce the size of the antenna. Moreover, in terms of dielectric loss, ceramic dielectrics are also smaller than those of pcb circuit boards, so ceramic antennas are more suitable for use in low-power Bluetooth modules.

In addition, when using a ceramic antenna, you should also pay attention to the matching problem of the Babylonian circuit. If you use a dedicated integrated circuit, it is best to let the manufacturer test the matching of the balanced circuit and the ceramic antenna. If the matching is not good, it will also affect the ceramic. effect of the antenna.




This low-power Bluetooth module is based on Nordic nRF51822 wireless transceiver chip, with 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 CPU, flash memory and analog and digital peripherals, providing a low-power, low-cost BLE solution for wireless transmission applications!

This module is widely used:

1 Computer peripherals and I/O devices

Mouse, keyboard, multi-touch touchpad, etc.

2 Entertainment interactive equipment

Remote controls, 3D glasses, game controllers, and more

3 Personal Area Networks

Health/fitness sensors and monitoring devices, medical devices, key fobs + watches, remote control toys, etc.

Reviewing Editor: Liu Qing

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