The book “China Metropolitan Area Development Report 2021” compiled by the China New Urbanization Research Institute of Tsinghua University is about to be officially published. Century Qualcomm, a digital twin city ecological service provider under NavInfo, participated in the compilation as a supporting unit, and provided massive map data. , independent innovation algorithms and related data analysis services to provide underlying data support for the overall evaluation of China’s metropolitan area construction in 2021 and the construction planning of metropolitan areas during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

The “China Metropolitan Area Development Report 2021” is divided into ten chapters, the first part and the second part. The first part systematically sorts out the policies related to metropolitan areas publicly released at the national and local levels, the development pattern of major metropolitan areas in the country and the practical progress in six key areas. Put forward thinking on the development of metropolitan circles under the new crown epidemic, as well as suggestions on the development of metropolitan circles from the perspective of “three new”; the next part discusses the five key metropolitan circles of the capital metropolitan area, Chengdu metropolitan area, Fuzhou metropolitan area, Wuhan metropolitan area and Xi’an metropolitan area. Conduct in-depth analysis, based on the strategic position and own characteristics of each metropolitan area, summarize the effectiveness and experience of urbanization development, and propose key construction directions on the basis of advantage research and problem identification.

Century Qualcomm focuses on the development of major metropolitan areas in the country, relies on geographic information services, and conducts relevant analysis combined with the company’s own innovative algorithms to provide reference for the division of the four isochronous circles of 0.5h, 1h, 1.5h, and 2h in 43 cities. . At the same time, based on the data samples of high-grade road length (highway, expressway (urban expressway), national road, provincial road) and area in the selected area, correlation analysis is carried out. As well as providing data support for the construction of the transportation facility network system, it provides capacity support for various data resources and data services required to further clarify the key construction directions of the metropolitan area.

Century Qualcomm relies on its own profound accumulation in location data and location services, combined with data analysis and visualization capabilities, and provides data and analysis support in the relevant chapters of this report, such as the analysis of the research status, the development status of the same city, and the research and judgment of advantages, so as to provide data and analysis support for the metropolitan area. Provide reference for construction and urban planning.

As a pan-industry-oriented digital twin city ecological service provider, Century Qualcomm deeply focuses on the development of national smart cities, and will further participate in the construction of the digital ecological industry chain system. Based on NavInfo’s new CIM platform, geographic information and other services, it will provide smart cities Provide further support for the implementation of construction, and explore the construction blueprint of “people-centered new urbanization”.

Original title: “China Metropolis Development Report 2021” edited by Century Qualcomm under NavInfo will be released soon

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