Baidu world 2020 Conference opened, there are many highlights, especially the driverless, but CCTV takes you to experience Baidu driverless.

According to CCTV news, on September 15, Baidu and CCTV news broadcast the “all things intelligence – Baidu world 2020” conference live. As the first part of the conference, CCTV news anchor Bao Xiaofeng and vice president of Baidu group and general manager of intelligent driving group Li Zhenyu experienced the fully driverless robotaxi in Beijing Shougang Park, where the “2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee” is located.

Apollo has achieved a new technological leap with mature unmanned driving and 5g parallel driving. All unmanned driving is a 7-year research and development achievement of Baidu Apollo. Its technology landing is a necessary condition for robotaxi to realize the commercial closed-loop, which will accelerate the large-scale commercial deployment of automatic driving in China. All unmanned driving is another milestone of Apollo and an exciting moment for the global automatic driving industry.

Baidu released “5g cloud driving” for the first time

The commercialization of Apollo driverless is accelerating. In the live broadcast, Li Zhenyu introduced in detail the three major elements of completely driverless: “front loading mass production vehicle”, “Ai old driver” and “5g cloud driving”. These three elements are also the highest standards and thresholds of the global automatic driving industry. Baidu has a leading front loading mass production vehicle. The red flag EV robotaxi, which will be launched in 2019, has been running in Beijing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Cangzhou, and has started the completely driverless test in some areas. On the same day, Changsha City officially issued the license of driverless open road test to Hunan Apollo Zhixing company, and Apollo officially opened the driverless open social road test. Compared with the refitted automatic driving vehicle, the front loading mass production vehicle greatly ensures the consistency, safety and stability of the vehicle.

“5g cloud driving” is an important supporting service for unmanned driving. Based on 5g, intelligent transportation, v2x and other new infrastructure construction facilities, it can make up space for the unmanned driving system.

For example, in the face of temporary road changes or traffic control, after receiving a request for help, the driver of “5g cloud driving” can take over the driverless vehicle and remotely control the vehicle to help the vehicle solve the problem.

At the same time, Apollo has newly released the fifth generation of automatic driving kit. Li Zhenyu revealed that the first front loaded mass production vehicle equipped with the fifth generation of automatic driving kit will soon be launched, which can meet the needs of all unmanned operation. He also proposed that with each new generation of Apollo car, the cost will be reduced by half and the capacity will be increased by ten times. During the live broadcast, CCTV reporters also visited the birthplace of red flag EV in Changchun, Baidu, and FAW red flag built China’s first L4 passenger car front loading production line. Xu Liuping, chairman and party secretary of China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd., said by video link: “FAW and Baidu will carry out more extensive and in-depth strategic cooperation in the fields of automatic driving, artificial intelligence and digitization, jointly lead China’s automatic driving technology to the forefront of the world, and jointly provide the ultimate intelligent products and services for consumers.

“Ai veteran driver” refers to the ability of unmanned driving. Since the start of the research and development of automatic driving, Apollo’s road test mileage has exceeded 6 million km, with zero accident rate all the time. He has more experience in safe driving than old human drivers, and can cope with various technical challenges of unmanned driving. During the live broadcast, baoxiaofeng was obviously surprised by the fact that there was no master driver. After experiencing a lap, she praised that “Ai old driver” was very experienced, which made her very down-to-earth. After a total of 10000 passengers in 27 cities around the world, the “Ai old driver” is smart enough to solve most of the problems, and the remaining few extreme special edge scenes are solved by “5g cloud driving”.

Apollo’s debut of “5g cloud driving” was a highlight of the live broadcast on that day. “5g cloud driving” is an important supporting service for unmanned driving. Based on 5g, intelligent transportation, v2x and other new infrastructure construction facilities, it can make up space for the unmanned driving system. For example, in the face of temporary road changes or traffic control, after receiving a request for help, “5g cloud driving” can take over the driverless vehicle and change it to a parallel driving state to help the vehicle solve the problem. Because “Ai old drivers” have been able to cope with most road conditions, extreme scenes do not often appear, so unlike ordinary security officers, cloud drivers can serve many vehicles by themselves. The cloud driver of “5g cloud driving” has become a new occupation in the AI era.

Baoxiaofeng and Li Zhenyu met the temporary traffic control of Shougang Park and needed to ask for help from “5g cloud driving”. Bao Xiaofeng tried to click the button on the screen of robotaxi’s back seat, and the help information was displayed on the screen of “5g cloud driving control cabin” in the starring studio of CCTV. On the side of CCTV news anchor Kang Hui and Baidu founder, chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li, a handsome cloud driving agent demonstrated the whole process from receiving requests to helping to get rid of difficulties. This device is similar to the popular racing game device on the market, which is very cool. Through the 5g network with high bandwidth and low delay, cloud driver observes the 360 ° condition around the car from the screen group, and uses the steering wheel, gear handle, pedal and other controllers to drive the vehicle until it gets out of trouble and remotely restarts the “Ai old driver” of the driverless system, so that the vehicle can run smoothly in the driverless state again. “5g cloud driving” cloud drivers are safe, reliable and well-trained. The cloud driving training is more than 1000 hours without accidents, which can ensure the absolute safety of passengers inside and outside the vehicle in the non autonomous driving state. Robin Li believes that driverless cars will give birth to new forms of shared travel. In 2025, the auto driving industry will enter a comprehensive commercial stage.

In Shougang Park, Li Zhenyu also took baoxiaofeng to experience the future driving cabin of Apollon, the car space in the era of driverless. In this space without steering wheel but with star top, large sofa and large LCD TV, passengers can sit comfortably on the sofa, watch movies and sing KTV with intelligent voice remote control.

The theme of Baidu world 2020 is “intelligence of all things”. Intelligent driving and intelligent transportation are already changing people’s travel life. Baidu Apollo’s technology and business route is referred to as “climbing Mount Everest and laying eggs along the way”. At the same time, the commercialization of Apollo has also taken the lead in China.

Apollo ranks first in the commercial mass production of smart car and smart driving in China. Weima’s new model, which is equipped with Baidu Apollo’s self parking solution, will go on sale in early 2021. It is the first model in China to be equipped with L4 level self parking function. It can search for parking space across multi-storey basement, and park and call for passengers with one click, so that car owners don’t have to worry because they can’t remember the parking space, it’s hard to park or get stuck in the basement door. Apollo small car with intelligent voice interaction function has become the choice of millions of intelligent cars. Xiaodu vehicle has cooperated with 60 + mainstream automobile brands in the world, with more than 500 models on the market. According to the report on the development trend of China’s intelligent Internet vehicle market recently released by IHS Markit, the carrying capacity of Xiaodu vehicle in the field of intelligent Internet vehicle has been ranked first in the world in 2020.

Apollo’s intelligent transportation solution “ace transportation engine” has been launched in nearly two cities in China, becoming the number one player in the new infrastructure of intelligent transportation. Robin Li predicted that within 5 years, China’s first tier cities will no longer need restriction and restriction on transportation efficiency. Within 10 years, the congestion problem can be basically solved. It is estimated that the construction of intelligent transportation infrastructure based on vehicle road coordination will improve the traffic efficiency by 15% – 30%, thus contributing 2.4% – 4.8% absolute growth to GDP. This makes Kanghui sigh very much that great changes will take place in the industrial chain and supply chain of the whole economic development.

In addition, at the baidu world 2020 auto driving, intelligent transportation and intelligent vehicle sub forum held on the same day, several major business platforms upgraded their new product solutions. Apollo’s autopilot open platform 6.0 has arrived as promised. It has opened up unmanned capabilities and added multiple cloud services to make it easier for developers to use. Apollo intelligent transportation released two product systems of road test AI perception and cloud open platform, realizing the comprehensive integration of vehicle road cloud map and building a complete vehicle road intelligent base. In terms of Apollo Intelligent Car Association, Xiaodu vehicle 2021 has also newly released and upgraded five digital bases, thinking about the concept of driving cabin as a whole, and extending different grades and functions of cars with intelligent driving cabin. Now, Apollo open platform has opened 600000 lines of code, gathered 45000 developers and 210 ecological partners around the world.

Robin Li 2020 Baidu world speech essence

Robin Li talked about tickets for the five rings in 2017:

From 2017 to the present, Apollo project and unmanned technology have undergone tremendous changes. At that time, I didn’t expect that there would be such a big response when I was sitting on the Fifth Ring Road in an unmanned car. Later, I thought about it, and I really understand that one day we all don’t need someone to drive any more. Sitting in the car, the computer can take you to where you want to go, which is a huge change to life and society. Since then, I think the policy environment has changed. Beijing, the Ministry of industry and information technology and many local governments have issued corresponding policies and regulations to allow Baidu and many other technology enterprises to legally test unmanned vehicles on public roads. On the other hand, we also feel that this is a very sacred mission. If we can make it as soon as possible, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience as soon as possible, it will have great significance for society and for everyone’s life.

Robin Li talked about China’s first mass production of original driverless cars:

The biggest difference between “red flag EV” and ordinary cars is that it has a cylindrical thing on its head, which is called lidar. At present, a real unmanned vehicle must have a laser radar, just like the eyes of an unmanned vehicle, which can see any obstacle 100 meters or 200 meters away. There are also various sensors around the car, such as millimeter wave radar, such as the look around camera, which can help the unmanned car control, make decisions, avoid obstacles and so on. This car is a cooperation between Baidu and FAW. It has a red flag. The biggest difference with many other companies / organizations in the market is that we designed the car according to the original unmanned car at the initial design stage, so it should be called the original unmanned car. People often see cars on the road. They buy other people’s cars and then add all kinds of things to them. Together with red flag, baidu made China’s first mass-produced original driverless car. This car has been running on the road in many cities in China, and is being tested in many cities.

Robin Li talked about 100 thousand people who have experienced the experience of unmanned vehicles.

There are several places where people can get such unmanned cars through Baidu app or Baidu map, such as Changsha, Cangzhou, Chongqing and Beijing. Beijing is not the whole region, such as Yizhuang and Shunyi. You can get such unmanned cars. According to our statistics, about 100000 people have tried unmanned vehicles. I believe that the number will rapidly increase to millions or even more. Because it was not open in the past, we need to make an appointment and go through the audit in advance. Now, in Changsha and other places, anyone can take this car, and its usage will come up all of a sudden.

Robin Li talked about 5G Yun Dai driving.

“5g cloud driving” is a new term, which is Baidu’s latest development in driverless technology in the past year. All our driverless cars must strictly abide by the traffic rules. In this case, if you don’t violate the traffic rules, you can’t get out. At this time, we go back to the cloud through “5g cloud driving”, and the security officer in the cloud can manually control the car to get out of trouble. Let the car come out by driving in the cloud. This is also the 5g era. One of the few technologies that we see actually using 5g is that 4G can’t do it, and 5g can do it. It seems that the 4G and 5g network speeds are almost the same when using mobile phones. There is no essential difference. But without 5g, cloud driving can’t really do it, because a lot of real-time image information needs to be transmitted back to the cloud, so that we can operate safely.

What is the significance of “5g cloud driving”? In the past, when we did the unmanned car test, there was usually a safety officer in the car. The purpose is to intervene manually when there is a situation that cannot be solved. Today, there can be no safety officer in the car, because we configure safety officers in the cloud to help the car get out of trouble.

Robin Li talked about AI’s changes in transportation and economy:

I think within five years, driverless technology will enter the commercial stage of scale, that is, 2025. That doesn’t mean the streets will be full of driverless cars. What can really affect everyone’s travel and life is the change of AI technology to the whole big traffic.

For example, through real-time full data identification, intelligent adjustment of the time of traffic lights, to achieve intelligent signal control; for example, vehicle road cooperation, through roadside equipment and vehicle communication, these technologies can greatly improve the efficiency of traffic. We have calculated that through AI technology, the traffic efficiency of existing vehicles can be improved by 15% to 30%.

Not only the improvement of traffic efficiency, it also has a significant role in promoting economic development. Because the automobile industry is a big industry, accounting for about 16% of GDP. If we can increase the traffic efficiency by 15%, 16% × 15% is 2.4%. This means that the absolute value of GDP will increase by 2.4%. If the transportation efficiency increases by 30%, the absolute value of GDP will increase by 4.8%, and this is the annual benefit. On the one hand, if we can achieve unlimited travel and purchase, our transportation experience will be more smooth. On the other hand, our economy can move forward more quickly, so it is of great significance.

Robin Li shows the latest function of Xiao Du biometrics:

On the one hand, small degree can not only identify different people through image recognition, but also recognize voice. Xiaodu is a household equipment. There are usually more than one family member in a family. Everyone’s preferences and habits are different, and different people get different experiences when using Xiaodu. We realize personalized service by identifying different family members.

Robin Li talked about his help for the elderly.

The main human-computer interaction mode of mobile phone is touch. Users need to see very small words and go to a very small area, which is inconvenient for the elderly. But natural language, as a way of interaction, no matter the elderly or the children, feel that there is no obstacle. In the family scene, the role of small degree is very obvious for children and the elderly.

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