1. The output specification of charger does not conform to the mobile phone

The low-power charger of Shanzhai will be pulled across by the mobile phone if the current is not enough. The charger will jump between the start-up and pull span repeatedly, and the impact produced by the charger will easily damage the power IC.

2. The polarity of input voltage is not correct or inserted reversely

Standard interfaces are generally more difficult to plug in. However, this possibility is not high.

3. Surge impact

If the quality of the charger is not good, in the process of charging the mobile phone, as if there are large equipment nearby the power grid to start or stop, resulting in power grid impact. As a result, the output voltage is superimposed with surge, which is similar to lightning stroke, resulting in IC damage beyond the limit.

4. Electrostatic damage

The voltage withstand of power chip is limited. Generally, ESD circuit is used for protection. If the interface of mobile phone design is exposed and there is no ESD protection, it is very easy to cause electrostatic damage by friction with chemical fiber clothing in dry environment. In addition, the use of damaged charging line can easily lead to static electricity damage to charging IC through data line.

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