With the popularity of computers, our life can not do without computers. Some friends like to assemble computers by themselves, and they can find and solve the key problems in the process of assembling computers. Some friends who just came into contact with the computer found that there was no signal input on the HDMI computer monitor after assembling the computer. What should they do? Next, Xiaobian will bring you the solution of HDMI no signal.

Causes and solutions of no signal in HDMI cable of monitor

The specific methods are as follows:

1. Check whether the HDMI plug of the monitor is tightly inserted. If it is inserted, the signal detection button will appear.

2. If the power supply and socket can be used normally and the wiring is good, it may be that the power cord of the monitor is broken. Try changing the power cord of the monitor.

3. If the monitor power light is on but does not display, if it is a stand-alone graphics card host, then plug the stand-alone graphics card again.

4. I found that the keyboard light is not on (the keyboard is good). The computer is integrated and the graphics card can’t be plugged in. Once the problem is found, it’s easy to do. We can dial the hard disk cable of the computer.

5. Adjust the tightness of the host’s memory module, and plug the independent memory module into it.

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