Humidity is one of the impressions of summer. If the LED display lamp bead as a humidity sensitive device is not well protected, it will cause circuit short circuit, dead light, bad light, black screen and other accidents in case of water and moisture, which will not only damage the service life of LED display, but also cause fire, electric leakage and other safety accidents. Therefore, the waterproof and moisture-proof of LED display screen has always been a problem for end users, and manufacturers have also been committed to strengthening the protection function of LED display screen, so as to improve the service life and product quality of LED display screen and solve the pain points of the industry.

Causes and related factors of waterproof and moisture-proof LED display screen

Why should the LED display screen be waterproof and moisture-proof? This is closely related to the humidity sensitivity of LED display devices, China’s humid climate and more rain and dew in application scenarios.

Device protection

From the device level, the LED display lamp bead is composed of precision devices such as lamp cup, support, wafer and lead. Because its raw material is easily conductive metal material, it is easy to cause short circuit in case of water. At present, the most widely used packaging technology is SMD process, which uses high-temperature reflow soldering to weld the lamp beads on the circuit board, takes the pins as the conductive path, and there is a gap between the lamp beads and the PCB board. Therefore, the rain and dew solidified on the surface of the LED display screen is easy to leak through the gap, which affects the conductive effect of the pins on the lamp beads, resulting in bad lights, dead lights Black screen is even the occurrence of safety accidents.

Climatic characteristics

Based on the analysis of China’s climate characteristics, due to China’s large dimension span, long coastline and gradual increase of terrain from east to west, under the action of subtropical high, water vapor covers most parts of China. Therefore, China’s summer is relatively humid, and the surface of LED display screen is easy to solidify rain and dew, resulting in rain infiltration, oxidation and corrosion of leads, supports and other devices, Thus, the display effect of LED display screen is affected.

Particularity of application scenarios

The most important factor that led display needs to be waterproof and moisture-proof is the particularity of its application scenario. Outdoor LED display screen is the most widely used and long-standing field of LED display screen. The application scene is located outdoors or semi outdoors to directly meet the invasion of rain. Therefore, LED display screen needs certain waterproof and moisture-proof performance to better protect the lamp beads of LED display screen and ensure the normal display of LED display screen.

Today, after the continuous exploration and upgrading of the industry, the LED display industry has derived a variety of solutions to solve the humidity problem from different levels.

Abison outdoor LED display

The waterproof process of abison outdoor LED display screen is the best example of multiple waterproof. It combines high-quality lamp beads, waterproof box, independent waterproof module and surface sealing glue to form an LED display screen with front and rear full waterproof design and protection grade of IP65 / IP54 to achieve waterproof effect.

Advantages: quadruple waterproof, front and rear double protection, high protection grade.

Haocai outdoor fixed waterproof transparent screen

From the technical level, the waterproof and moisture-proof of LED display screen mainly has two aspects, surface sealant and waterproof coating. Surface sealing glue is divided into surface sealing glue and film covering technology newly launched in recent years. The traditional glue filling technology comes from the packaging process of LED display screen. Since the first LED display screen is mainly in-line, it is necessary to fill the bottom shell with glue to isolate the leakage of rainwater. Due to the long application time and mature technology of surface sealing technology, the sealing technology is the most widely used in the market.

Haocai outdoor fixed waterproof transparent screen adopts the lamp bead comprehensive fixation process to improve the protection grade to IP65 to achieve the effects of waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision.

Advantages: mature technology, wide application, low cost and high protection grade.

Huaxia Guangcai lob coating process

Lob technology and gob technology, a new film covering process launched in recent two years. Lob film coating technology completely protects the conductive parts and lamp beads on the lamp board by attaching glue on the side in contact with the LED lamp board, which has good ductility, bonding effect and strong sealing performance, so as to achieve the 8-grade standard of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti-collision, anti salt fog, anti-corrosion and anti blue light. Lob coating process is a patented technology of Huaxia Guangcai, which can effectively solve the problems of collision during transportation and installation, as well as the problems of moisture rising and immersion during use, and is mature and applied in many fields.

Advantages: eight aspects of protection, reducing dead lights, easy screen cleaning and large viewing angle. It is not suitable for coastal areas affected by salt fog.

Qiangyi gob3.0 display

Another film coating technology is gob technology. Gob adopts a special process to integrate and package the PCB board and its SMD lamp beads of conventional LED display screen, strengthen the sealing of LED packaging, effectively prevent rainwater leakage and prolong the service life of LED display screen. Qiangyi gob3.0 display screen is completely sealed and integrated with PCB board. Therefore, gob technology has super protective properties such as moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, salt fog, impact, bump, static electricity, oxidation, blue light radiation, effective heat dissipation of lamp beads, UV resistance and so on; The point light source becomes an area light source, the display is transparent and clear, and the viewing angle is nearly 180 degrees.

Advantages: it solves the problem of waterproof and moisture-proof from the root, and can also prevent impact, static electricity and oxidation. It is suitable for display screens above p0.9.

Xinda top2in1 lamp bead

As the most important part of the LED display screen, the LED bulb also needs good waterproof protection to ensure the normal operation of the wafer and the lighting of the light source. Therefore, the LED needs to be sealed and newly encapsulated to reduce the penetration of rain and dew. Xinda top2in1 lamp beads adopt PPA support protection colloid process to strengthen the protection performance of lamp beads, so as to achieve waterproof effect.

Advantages: large stress area, good sealing, good consistency of colloid surface and large heat dissipation area.

Zhongsheng Hengtai matte coating agent

During the use of LED display screen, its PCB board, wire and circuit are sensitive to humidity. The greater the humidity, the easier it is to fail. This requires manufacturers to spray three anti-corrosion paint on the surface of LED display screen and do anti-oxidation and corrosion treatment on PCB board when making LED display screen. Zhongsheng Hengtai’s matte coating agent is specially developed for waterproof. Using the coating process, the matte coating agent is sprayed on the surface of LED display screen, which can effectively prevent the penetration of red ink, and so on.

Advantages: effective moisture-proof, matte surface treatment, no reflection, simple construction, suitable for small spacing LED display.

In addition to the manufacturer, the terminal can also use some simple methods for waterproof and moisture-proof. The first is moderate ventilation, which is conducive to the rapid evaporation of water vapor; Secondly, place desiccant indoors to reduce air humidity; Furthermore, turn on the air conditioner for dehumidification; Finally, the LED display screen needs to be used frequently. The heat generated by the working LED display screen can be used to evaporate the water vapor of the screen body, so as to reduce the damage of water vapor to the components of the LED display screen.

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