1. Whether the communication port and baud rate of Mitsubishi PLC programming cable are set correctly. For example, click serial port icon port RS232 baud rate 9.6k/bps OK and then click communication test. If the communication is successful, the hardware connection is OK.

2. Whether there is a writing program in Mitsubishi PLC, or whether PLC works normally.

3. Whether the program is encrypted or not, there are also cases of program loss, but very few.

4. Whether Mitsubishi PLC is damaged.

Setting method of communication port of Mitsubishi PLC programming cable

1. Plug the programming cable into the USB interface of the computer

2. On the desktop, place the mouse on the “my computer” icon, and then right-click

3. In the pop-up menu, select device manager

4. Find your programming cable port number in the port list. Put the mouse on the port number, right-click and select “properties” in the pop-up menu

5. In the property window, you can modify the port number to the same number. The port of the computer and the port of Mitsubishi PLC programming software should be set. In general, the default of desktop computer is COM1, and the software can be changed to COM1 and then the software can be restarted. The USB port is often set the same and then the software is disconnected and restarted. But sometimes it’s the problem of communication cable. Try changing the root. At most, I bought three before I met one that can be used. If it doesn’t work, the communication port may be broken. I’ve met it several times before. It’s caused by hot plug, but it can still be used after it’s broken.

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