In the past 2020, large-scale deployment of 5g network was started, and China’s performance was particularly outstanding. 600000 5g base stations were newly built throughout the year, accounting for more than half of the global share. With the gradual improvement of 5g network coverage, the industry is also vigorously experimenting with 5g industry applications to tap new 5g business opportunities.

5g module is an indispensable and important product in 5g industry application, which is the key to connect 5g technology and industry terminal. As an important communication module supplier in China, Youfang technology has laid out 5g modules and performed well in nb-iot, cat. 1 and other fields. When 2021mwc was held in Shanghai, Luo Wei, vice president of Youfang technology, was interviewed and talked about the company’s business development layout and its judgment on the prospect of 5g industry application.

Cat. 1 product is leading at the beginning, 5g application scenarios will be more rich and clear

5g module has been used in some industries

2019 is recognized as the “first year of 5g” by the industry, while 2020 is the first year of 5g application. In this year, enterprises in the industrial chain started 5g large-scale pilot projects in all walks of life, and the application value was gradually verified, providing high-performance communication guarantee for many IOT scenarios with high-speed, low delay and wide connectivity.

Luo Wei introduced that in order to cope with the diversified and fragmented 5g application scenarios, Youfang technology has launched 5g series communication modules. For industrial and commercial applications, Youfang will release N510 series 5g modules in 2020. Based on Ziguang zhanrui platform, it covers all major frequency bands in key areas, supports NSA / SA networking mode, and is suitable for a variety of application scenarios; Network encryption technology makes data transmission more secure.

Based on the chip platform of Qualcomm, Youfang technology has developed 5g + v2x product family to provide more choices for automotive front loading customers“ The advantage of Youfang technology is not only the module itself, but also the construction of an access communication scheme based on the integration of cloud management and terminal. Through the combination of cloud management technology, we can improve the communication quality of the Internet of things as a whole, ensure the stability and reliability of communication, reduce the communication failure rate, and improve the operation quality and efficiency of customers. ” Luo Wei said that before, Youfang technology had launched “Youfang Guandao cloud” and “Youfang access cloud”.

In the 5g field, after more than one year of industry expansion, Youfang technology has been applied in many typical application scenarios, such as high-definition video surveillance, smart grid, industrial Internet of things, CPE and so on. On the basis of Youfang’s traditional advantageous industries, such as smart grid, industrial monitoring and so on, new 5g application scenarios have been continuously expanded and enriched“ Differentiated product advantages are an important guarantee for the expansion of well-organized industries. “

Cat. 1 products lead at the beginning

In the vast field of Internet of things, 5g module is only the latest application, and nb-iot, CAT1 and other modules show their talents. Among them, CAT1, which started to be popular at the end of 2019, was quickly valued by the industry due to its network speed advantage and low cost, and was “named” by the Ministry of industry and information technology as one of the alternative technologies to replace the traditional 2G / 3G Internet of things.

“Youfang technology’s cat. 1 products are leading the industry as soon as they are launched.” Luo Wei disclosed that the world’s first n58 module based on zhanrui cat.1bis platform, which was launched in 2019, has been shipped on a large scale at home and abroad, covering a number of industrial scenarios, such as energy metering, on-board front loading T-box, on-board smart box, financial payment, public network intercom, shared travel, etc.

“Many of these industries use cat. 1 communication module to iterate 2G / 3G network for the first time, and these users choose Youfang n58 to realize communication upgrade.” Luo Wei said that Youfang technology will also launch the new cat. 1 module n716 in September 2020, which is the smallest in the industry. Based on the analysis of industry pain points, Youfang technology found that many IOT terminals are small in size and light in weight, and have very high requirements for the size and weight of communication modules, such as shared electric vehicles, small trackers, student cards, intelligent wearable devices (smart watches), etc. the targeted product design has been welcomed by industry customers.

Luo Wei stressed that Youfang technology is still developing more cat. 1 products to provide customers in different industries with more choices. Based on the rich product lines including cat. 1, Youfang technology not only has traditional advantages in smart grid, tower dynamic environment monitoring, European and American car networking market, but also continues to expand to smart water, smart gas, transportation, financial payment, smart city and other fields, and has achieved rapid growth.

The prospect of 5g is worth looking forward to

The goal of 5g is to go out of the communication industry and become the information infrastructure of the economic and social digital transformation. The industry generally agrees that 80% of 5g applications are in the industrial Internet and other industrial markets, and has invested a lot of energy to expand. So far, the 5g application business model of some industries has been preliminarily verified, and large-scale replication can be carried out, and more industries are still exploring.

Luo Wei stressed that the arrival of 5g era is also an inevitable trend. Because with the development and progress of society, traditional industries need to achieve digital and intelligent upgrading, people’s production and life style needs to be more environmentally friendly, more efficient and more convenient. This is also the mission of Youfang technology.

“After the large-scale construction period and technical verification period of 5g network in 2020, 5g has the application conditions in many industry scenarios. With the further optimization of module and terminal costs in 2021 and the completion of business model verification in more scenarios, 5g application scenarios will be more rich and clear. Overall, 5g will enter the fast lane of commercial application, and its prospect is worth looking forward to. ” Luo Wei said.

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