On the morning of December 29, the theme forum of “the first year of carbon neutralization: opportunities and challenges of science and technology industry” of China high tech forum 2021 of the high tech Fair opened in the plum blossom hall on the 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).

With global warming, climate rise and other problems becoming more and more serious, realizing the goal of “double carbon” has become a major strategic decision of China in the new era and new pattern, and it is also a change and competition from industrial civilization to ecological civilization. The theme forum focused on two topics: the road of sustainable development of carbon neutralization and industrial transformation and upgrading driven by carbon neutralization. A total of 7 heavyweight guests were invited to attend and deliver speeches.

Mr. He Kebin, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, deputy director of the national ecological and environmental protection expert committee, Professor of the school of environment of Tsinghua University and President of carbon neutralization Research Institute, shared the opportunities and challenges of carbon neutralization action on the spot, indicating that carbon neutralization has become a major global action. In order to achieve the double carbon goal, the most arduous challenges facing China at this stage are “three high and one short”. They are the high-carbon energy structure, the high-carbon industrial structure, and China is still in a high-speed development stage. One short is that we have only 30 years from reaching the peak to neutralization. These four aspects are the important challenges we are facing at present. It also points out that the world is about to enter the double carbon era, and the development model of the world economy is changing from resource dependence to technology dependence. To succeed in energy transformation, it is necessary to achieve resource efficiency and carbon reduction, carbon reduction in energy structure and carbon storage in geological space. He said: “if the four words that have the greatest impact on China’s development in the past 40 years are reform, the four words that will have the greatest impact on China in the next 40 years may be double carbon action. We need both natural science, engineering science and social science. In the final analysis, all science is to cultivate a new generation of talents to adapt to the development of the double carbon era!” I believe that under the promotion of the double carbon era, it will bring more new opportunities for science and technology and energy!

Mr. Li Liubin, party secretary and deputy general manager of China Forestry Group Co., Ltd., delivered an on-site speech on the theme of “carbon neutralization in the first year, upgrading and reconstruction of green industry”. Mr. Li Liubin said: “in the context of the dual carbon strategy, the green industry will face unprecedented changes, which is reflected in the fact that social capital pays more attention to entering this field, green enterprises will usher in a window period and opportunity period of vigorous development, and the green industry will be upgraded and rebuilt due to the accumulation of capital, technological innovation and market growth.” Then it introduces the high-quality development road of forestry industry that China Forestry Group, as the only central enterprise in the industry, has walked out in the development process of many years, focusing on the main battlefield of ecological, green and low-carbon industry, pursuing the high unity of ecological benefits, social benefits and economic benefits, and ensuring National Wood safety, ecological safety and material safety. Finally, Mr. Li Liubin called on everyone to achieve carbon neutralization, which requires concerted efforts, gather various forces, establish a great zero carbon enterprise and industrial framework, let more enterprising entrepreneurs join the Bureau, respond to the national call with a stronger sense of responsibility and mission, and draw a blueprint on the high-level stage of low-carbon green transformation.

Other speakers include Zhu Xiaoxun, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and President of Siemens China Research Institute, Huang Xiaojun, senior vice president and managing director of Veolia group in China, Huang Zhijun, deputy general manager of China Nuclear Huineng Co., Ltd., Hu Chunchi, vice president of Huawei digital energy technology Co., Ltd. in China Luo Shikuan, general manager of Guangdong Zhongwei environmental protection Biotechnology Co., Ltd., gave speeches on digital twins helping low-carbon transformation, ecological transformation: promoting green and low-carbon circular development, diversified and coordinated development under double carbon goals, and ten innovations of digital energy helping carbon neutralization and sustainable development The theme of “helping carbon neutralization, choosing environment-friendly technology to treat odor gas” was shared on site.

In 2021, “carbon peaking and carbon neutralization” has been written into China’s government work report. “Double carbon” has become one of the annual focuses and a major topic of social and economic development. It is the inevitable road to carbon neutralization development. The tide of global green and low-carbon transformation is coming, and challenges and opportunities coexist. At the China high tech forum of the current high tech fair, we seem to see that the times are calling on us to actively shoulder the responsibility of ecological civilization, contribute “Chinese strength” to coping with climate change, and solemnly write our historical answers.

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