Stockholm, Sweden, February 16, 2022 – ContextVision, a medical technology software company focused on image quality and artificial intelligence, recently announced its fourth quarter and full year results of 2021, the highest revenue year in the company’s history.

In addition, the company announced the establishment of a new executive leadership team, after the company’s digital pathology department was separated into a new independent business. The leaders of canterry will assume new positions, including the appointment of Ola Lindblad as interim CEO; Lindblad previously served as vice president of medical imaging. Now he will lead a new organization to focus on image quality in the field of medical imaging, which is the foundation of the company’s long-term development. Other appointments include Chief Service Officer (CSO), Katarina flood, chief product Officer (CPO), Ann Sofi Hoff and chief technology officer (CTO), Gunnar L ä th é n, and the newly joined chief financial officer (CFO) Markus h ö kerberg.

Medical imaging business

On the basis of three consecutive quarters of record sales, this year ended with record sales. The main growth comes from our ultrasonic products, and we have seen significant growth. X-ray business has declined slightly in the past year; However, we expect a rebound in the fourth quarter. For business areas, the American market is growing, while other regions remain unchanged.

In the fourth quarter, there were new customer contracts and business expansion of existing customers. With these in mind, we look forward to 2022 with a bright future.

In the fourth quarter, canterry launched a new product rivent3d, which realizes 3D / 4D ultrasonic 3D / 4D scanning. Continue to lead the development of 3D ultrasonic image enhancement technology. Rient 3D is a supplement to rient’s product line. We can now provide high-quality 2D / 3D / 4D solutions for all systems – from smaller handheld devices to the most advanced ultrasound systems on the market.

Digital pathology

In 2021, the focus of digital pathology has been to use our tool inify prostate to complete clinical research. The study conducted in the European Union and the United States shows that it is very accurate in identifying cancer and has impressive accuracy in outlining cancer areas, and the results are very positive. Inify prostate shows all signs that it is one of the most accurate and advanced decision support tools in the world today.

In the second half of the year, the digital pathology business department made a strategic transformation and fully focused on the establishment of AI based pathology laboratory services. Inify prostate products and their related intellectual property rights and technologies will now become an important cornerstone for providing complete pathological services from specimen transportation to diagnostic report. The subsidiary of inify laboratory was established.

Company spin off

With the change of strategy, at the special shareholders’ meeting in December, we decided to separate inify laboratory into an independent company. All assets related to the digital case study have been transferred to the subsidiary, and the separation was completed by paying dividends to existing shareholders in February 2022.

Ola Lindblad, CEO, said, “canterry is a unique brand in the medical imaging market, with a large number of talents. I am honored and humbled to assume this leadership role. The new management team is in place, proactive and committed to driving the business forward. With a high focus on image quality, we will continue our growth trajectory in the coming years.

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