Canon’s China branch recently announced the launch of a “smiley face recognition” access control system using artificial intelligence (AI) for face recognition, hoping to improve the dull atmosphere in the office, Japan Economic News reported.

Canon’s China branch recently announced the launch of the “smiling face recognition” access control management system using artificial intelligence (AI) for face recognition.

On October 20, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. announced that it officially launched the “smartworkspace olution” intelligent IT solution independently developed by its canon innovation technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The scheme includes five optional function modules based on the characteristic technology of “smiley face recognition”, which are smiley face access control and attendance, smiley face temperature measurement, smiley face meeting room reservation management and smiley face visitor registration.

According to reports, the “smiley face recognition” refers to the technology that AI judges based on the overall facial expression such as the rising degree of the quarrel. Canon said the program is suitable for enterprises of all sizes, government halls, hospitals, schools, banks and other institutions, as well as commercial service places such as restaurants.

Canon said that “smiling face recognition” is specially integrated into the scheme, hoping to let everyone relax and get healthy with a smile, so as to create a more pleasant working atmosphere and improve efficiency.

It is worth noting that the scheme can be started with both smiley face and common face recognition technology. It can be used independently or in any combination.

It is understood that the system has been introduced into Canon’s office in China and improved the internal atmosphere of the company. Jiang Yuan Da Cheng, vice president of Canon China, said “I hope to lighten the atmosphere of COVID-19’s depression by smiling face”. Canon also plans to extend the program to all of Asia and the world in the future.

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