In order to achieve more stable shooting, the camera often needs a handheld gimbal. The two together are huge and require two hands to hold it steady.

Recently, Canon passed a patent for the latest gimbal camera in Japan, integrating the camera and the gimbal, and the volume and weight have been significantly improved.

This design is similar to DJI's pocket camera, which directly mounts the lens on the gimbal, but Canon's is obviously more powerful. DJI's pocket camera integrates only a mobile phone sensor, while Canon's gimbal camera is a real camera sensor. .

And the lens of the Canon gimbal camera can be replaced, which means that it can be used in more shooting scenes.

As the main body of the handheld gimbal, the place connected to the camera supports horizontal rotation, and also supports the adjustment of lens tilt. In addition, the camera's screen has also been integrated into the handle, subverting the design of traditional cameras.

According to the patent description, this product supports the lens of the USM ultrasonic motor and can switch between manual/auto focus. The camera system has a gyroscope and an accelerometer. It is also equipped with a hot shoe interface, which can be connected to a fill light, and a small microphone.

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