With the in-depth application of video surveillance system, video surveillance, like people, will get sick, and there are some “common diseases” that need to be treated correctly. How to take corresponding measures to solve the problems according to different fault conditions is of great significance to improve the quality of the monitoring system and ensure the stable operation of the system.

Surveillance camera “sick” will you “cure”?

In terms of appearance, surveillance cameras are mainly divided into gun type, hemisphere type and high-speed ball type. In addition, there are differences between analog monitoring and IP network monitoring, which are widely used in many security fields such as banking, transportation, safe city and so on. How to repair the surveillance camera if there is a problem? Here are some maintenance skills.

When purchasing surveillance cameras, ALC lens should be selected in outdoor or bright environment due to the limited control range of ELC. For some digital security cameras that do not want to use optical fiber transmission, the signal should be enhanced due to the long transmission distance. The way to enhance the signal can be to add something similar to a repeater to receive the signal at the transmitting end in the middle of transmitting and receiving, and then send it to the receiving end again. Or send a signal in a differential manner. If the distance of the camera is not as far as 10 to 20 meters, you can use high-speed azimuth as a follower. For example, the driving capacity of ad8052 and sgm8052 is 100mA.

When the surveillance camera fails, how to repair the camera?

1. If the surveillance camera has no image. Check whether the power supply is connected properly and whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements (power supply error: DC12V 10% AC24V 5%); Check whether the BNC head or video cable is in good contact; Check whether the automatic aperture of the lens is turned on; Check whether the control line of automatic aperture lens driven by video or DC is short circuited to ground; Check whether the video leakage causes the CCD board video to burn out all the way.

2. If the image quality is poor, you should check whether the lens has fingerprints or is too dirty; Whether the aperture is adjusted properly; Poor contact of video cable; Whether there is a problem with the electronic shutter or white balance setting; Whether the transmission distance is too far; Whether the voltage is normal; Whether there is interference source nearby; Whether the CCD of the board machine is uneven; Check whether the lens is a C-type interface or a CS type interface. If it is a C-type interface, the connecting ring must be added, and if it is a CS type interface, the connecting ring must be removed.

3. Image distortion or geometric distortion: check whether the optical lens used is abnormal; Whether the output impedance switch of the monitor is set at 75 Ω end; Check whether the impedance of the video connection cable used is 75 Ω.

4. White and foggy: check whether there is water mist inside the body; Check whether the lens cover is close to the glass; Check whether the body is equipped with lens cover; Check whether there is water mist in the CCD of the board machine; Check whether the electronic shutter of the machine is open (if it is open, turn it off).

5. Voltage detection method: used to detect the voltage of each key point in the circuit to judge the fault point.

6. Disconnection method: when there is a short circuit or excessive current in the circuit, this method is used to reduce the fault range.

7. Resistance detection method: used to judge the quality of a certain part of the circuit.

8. Current detection method: judge the fault by observing the current value.

9. Touch method: open the casing and touch whether each element (chip) is overheated or exceeds the normal temperature by hand, that is, the hand cannot stay on the element, and it will feel abnormal geothermal, so as to judge the fault point.

Surveillance cameras have been widely used in life and work. In the application and procurement of users, if the camera is broken, you can try to use the above skills to repair the machine. Of course, in addition to Maintenance accidents, daily maintenance is also very important.

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