In Hangzhou, enterprises engaged in VR equipment leasing are springing up. According to industry insiders, most of the people who need VR equipment leasing are engaged in exhibitions, wedding banquet and other industries. From the current situation, the business situation is good. In addition to offline VR equipment leasing, some companies rent VR equipment online.

VR rental market is popular, mainly used for exhibitions and wedding dinners

Chen Pu is the person in charge of VR Tiandi bank. The company’s main business is the rental of VR equipment. Last year, the company’s main business was sales of VR equipment. “Although VR is very popular, there are not many people who really try to buy it. Compared with VR leasing market, there is a more market.” This also became one of the reasons why he changed the direction of the company’s main business.

Among Chen Pu’s partners, there are many wedding banquets and some newly opened buildings also need VR equipment to mobilize the scene atmosphere, and these buildings have become the main force of leasing. “There will be rental facilities for a week or more.” He said.

The same thing happens in Jushu technology, which has a very short time in VR leasing, focusing on the wedding banquet market. According to the staff, compared with the exhibition, although the wedding banquet is short, the cycle is fast and the potential market scale is larger.

Can VR equipment leasing create a world

The cheapest way to rent a set of VR equipment is 79 yuan / day

There are companies both online and offline

Since it is a lease, the charge is naturally much cheaper than the purchase. Take 9dvr double egg chair as an example. If you go to the manufacturer to buy it, it will cost 50000-70000 yuan. If you rent it for a long time, there will be a corresponding discount. “If you rent it for a month (30 days), the cost is 20000 yuan. If it is converted to 666 yuan per day, it is equivalent to a 1.6% discount.” Chen Pu said.

The rental price of egg chair is high, the volume is large and the handling is troublesome. The rental of complete sets of VR helmets provided by manufacturers is more popular. A company can rent 5-7 sets of HTC vive helmet suits every day. The purchase price of this kind of equipment is about 18000 yuan, among which the price of helmet is 6888 yuan, the cost of leasing a single day is 1500 yuan, and the deposit is 7000 yuan. The whole set of equipment is composed of head display, controller, tracking equipment, display and computer host. It also needs to install the corresponding genuine game according to the requirements of customers. The cost of manpower is very high, so the personnel cost of 200 yuan is generally added.

In fact, VR leasing not only develops rapidly offline, but also promotes VR leasing business online. On Taobao, a Taobao store named “magic pill club” is promoting its VR equipment rental. Customer service personnel said that VR equipment is delivered by express delivery. Take gear VR as an example, the rental cost of a single set is 79 yuan, and the deposit for each set is 3580 yuan. However, the VR equipment rental market is not limited to B2C. On WeChat, a WeChat official account named “inside what” has built a platform for VR equipment leasing, trying to introduce C2C’s leasing mode. On its page, you can choose to rent a device or publish a device.

Can VR equipment leasing create a world

High cost and low popularity

VR equipment leasing may cultivate market maturity

Although the prospect of VR rental market is good, there are many problems in this market, and the high purchase cost and relatively low popularity are the problems that many enterprises have to solve.

“The concept of VR is very popular, but as far as the current technology is concerned, its adaptability to the crowd is not as wide as that of smart phones, and its popularity and popularity have not reached the level that can make the rental market explode. We can only be regarded as drinking water now.” Chen Pu said. At the same time, the high purchase cost of VR equipment and the purchase cost of VR game resources also make many practitioners feel that they can not bear it.

In addition, according to Wang Hui, the person in charge of Beijing jinshihe Technology Co., Ltd., the use threshold of VR equipment is very high, which makes Wang Hui worry about the prospect of VR equipment leasing. “It is very difficult for people who have not been exposed to VR equipment to operate and experience VR independently, which is also a problem faced by VR leasing.” However, Wang Hui said that in today’s relatively low popularity of VR equipment, the promotion of VR equipment in the form of leasing is a way to increase the influence of VR equipment and cultivate market maturity.

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