The outbreak of a novel coronavirus pneumonia this year has caused some problems in our lives. However, to some extent, it also promotes the rapid landing of big data and other technologies. Big data technology provides strong scientific and technological support for the fight against the epidemic in China.

The reporter learned that the investigation of the rectification potential of militia organizations is a basic and strategic project to complete the organization and construction with high quality and to promote the transformation of the mobilization potential into the strength of the war. It is also an important content of the implementation measures for the rectification of militia organizations.

However, because it involves various fields such as economy and society, and relates to the obligations and rights of citizens, legal persons and organizations, the collection of relevant data has always been a hard nut to crack. Especially since this year’s outbreak, specialized military cadres and militia members at all levels have moved to the front line of prevention and control, and the collection of potential investigation information is affected by various external factors, which makes it difficult to advance.

According to the problems reflected by the grass-roots units, the Party committee of the Zhengzhou municipal Jinshui District human capital department has a bold idea: erecting big data platform, opening the new mode of “Internet plus potential survey”, and registering potential information through all kinds of resources through scanning two-dimensional code, so that all potential information input process can be electronically realized, and accurate, fast and timely data acquisition can be achieved.

Can QR code boost the work of big data?

Then, on the premise of strict information security, the Ministry of human resources and military affairs, based on the principle of simple, efficient, timely and accurate, developed the “reserve force potential investigation and registration management system” in combination with Henan Jinhui Xinyue Information Technology Co., Ltd. under its jurisdiction. The system registers all kinds of potential by scanning the QR code of the personal and base unit administrator’s mobile phone, and the relevant data will be submitted It is transmitted to the backstage database management center. After the administrator makes a statistical summary of all the data, it is uploaded to the “militia work management information system” issued by the Ministry of national development, so as to realize the interconnection and seamless docking.

“Potential surveys are conducted every year, but this year they are quite different. With this QR code, the work efficiency has been greatly improved! ” Yao Weiqiang, the armed Minister of Yangjin Road Street who is on duty at the anti epidemic card point, was overjoyed when he got the QR code developed by the Ministry of human resources and military affairs. “In the past years, from door-to-door visits to the completion of data extraction and entry, a maximum of 20 or 30 people were entered in a day. Now, from” offline “door-to-door registration to” online “self entry, not only face-to-face contact is reduced, but also a lot of manpower is saved. In only half a day, 115 people’s information has been transferred to my background, which efficiency is beyond my imagination in the past!”

“After scanning the QR code, all kinds of information to be filled in is clear at a glance. I didn’t expect that the information input of militia also uses” high technology “, which is in line with the times.” In Yuantian community of Dongfeng Road Street, several young people of suitable age took out their mobile phones with great interest and said while scanning the code.

“Let more data run, let less people and staff run errands, and promote the innovation and implementation of the armed work in the way of full integration of online and offline will be our direction of efforts to build smart national defense.” Zhou Xuejun, Minister of the people’s and military department of Jinshui District, told reporters.

It is reported that compared with the traditional manual registration method of “militia work management information system”, the system simplifies the registration process, reduces a large number of tedious information entry workload of grass-roots staff (98 items only need to be entered for personnel potential information, including 62 items that are required and 36 items that are not required), and creates The new mode of “non-contact” potential survey makes all kinds of potential data statistics at county and township levels enter the “fast lane”, improves management level and work efficiency.

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