USB type-C was a very new product in 2015. Now, with the continuous maturity of USB type-C, more and more products are adopted, such as Huawei, HTC and Microsoft.

Using USB type-C interface, VR helmets can be worn on mobile phones of any manufacturer. Some high-end VR products will use complex cables to connect VR helmets. The experience will be very good, but the price is also relatively expensive. And the convenience will be worse.

The use of digital analog technology in Silicon Valley can easily combine mobile phones with VR. Connect VR helmet through mobile phone and connect VR through USB DisplayPort standard to realize the low-cost solution of VR. The advantage of this scheme is that mobile phones are very popular, almost everyone has them, and the threshold of accessing VR is very low.

As long as it is a type-C interface with USB DisplayPort type-C standard, you can connect the helmet.

The biggest feature of using DisplayPort type-C is convenience. If it is a general PC with HDMI interface and USB, two cables will be connected to the VR helmet. Using USB type-C, you can experience VR with only one cable.

If you use a smart phone, it will be simpler. A mobile phone, a USB type-C cable, and then wear glasses, you can play VR anywhere at will.

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