Today’s technology has led you and me into a new era. Many items used in life are now linked with technology, just like smart phones, which have launched face recognition system from the original input unlocking. However, recently, Synaptics, an American technology company, has brought these scientific and technological ideas into cars. In the future, unlocking cars can be unlocked with only one finger.

Synaptics is a supplier providing touch panel OEM. The technology companies supplied are world-famous 3C manufacturers. In addition, the company is engaged in developing and supplying user interface solutions for a variety of mobile computing, communication and other electronic devices. At the beginning of this year, the company also launched the world’s first screen fingerprint identification Mobile phone vivo X20 plus with Chinese mobile phone brand vivo.

Can fingerprint touch technology bring benefits to the automotive industry

We have talked about Bentley’s fingerprint identification safe for readers before. The purpose of launching such a product is to let the owner’s valuables be placed on the car without worry and not stolen. The fingerprint identification system launched by Synaptics, an American technology company, is the same as you and I know well. As long as you put your finger at the sensing place, you can unlock the car.

Although it does not start the engine, the car can automatically identify the owner’s data through the fingerprint identification system, and automatically adjust the seat posture and music preference to the owner’s preference. However, this seemingly happy idea will also have hidden worries. With the prosperity of modern science and technology industry, computer hackers are hard to prevent, just like mobile phones. Once the password lock is cracked, Hackers can steal data from mobile phones.

Can fingerprint touch technology bring benefits to the automotive industry

It is believed that there is a certain degree of difficulty in popularizing such car black technology to cars. Therefore, we still need to wait to see the fingerprint identification system on the car. However, many car owners feel that the so-called high-tech of fingerprint unlocking car is pure chicken ribs, and hope that smart cars can give priority to the development of other aspects. But even Geely’s flying cars are scheduled to go on the market. Xiaobian believes that more intelligent cars will soon be used in the market.

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