Face recognition technology in China is still in the early stage of development. In terms of application fields, its application fields are mainly concentrated in the fields of public security and commerce, and its application in the field of social life is still in the exploratory stage; In terms of function, the application of artificial intelligence technology such as face recognition in China is only in the primary application stage. When face recognition technology enters the field of social life, we need to be vigilant against the legal, ethical and information security problems caused by abuse.

Face recognition needs to deal with not only moral and ethical risks, but also more serious information security problems such as data leakage and data abuse if it is over used or abused because it collects and uses the key information with human biometric characteristics, such as portrait data.

Therefore, it is necessary to limit the application subject and application field of face recognition. In terms of subject, qualification conditions should be set for its application subject according to relevant laws and regulations around the application technical standards and safety standards of face recognition; In terms of application fields, security risk assessment should be carried out for different application fields and their importance, such as security, finance, e-commerce, payment and people’s livelihood, gradually expand the scope of application, and be cautious about the moral and ethical risks faced in their application in the field of social life. In addition, the filing, supervision and evaluation of the application of face recognition technology should be strengthened, and the supervision system of face recognition should be constructed to ensure the safety and controllability of its application and development. For the legal and moral issues involved, its use must be based on the law, treat the moral and ethical risks it may touch carefully, and expand its social application step by step within the acceptable scope of social ethics and civic consciousness without infringing on personal rights and interests and social interests.

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