With the 2019 Apple autumn new product launch approaching, various conjectures about the new generation iPhone have gradually been “confirmed” by some authoritative media. In addition to the three rear cameras called Yuba by the industry, it has been basically determined that the new iPhone will support Apple pencil stylus. If this message is finally confirmed, the new iPhone will become the first phone to support Apple’s stylus. But even so, can the iPhone’s continued decline in the world be expected to improve?

Can Apple's stylus stop the decline in iPhone sales

When it comes to the stylus, I have to mention jobs, because when the first generation iPhone was released, Jobs said: “no one wants the stylus. You have to take it out and put it back after use. It’s bad if you lose it.” however, after taking over apple, cook released the first generation of Apple pencil stylus in 2015, although it was only suitable for iPad series products in the early stage, But it got a good response; So Apple launched the second generation Apple pencil in 2018, with a price of up to 973 yuan.

Today, when large screen mobile phones lead the market, Apple may have already considered increasing support for touch pens on the iPhone, and this can also make more money on accessories. Of course, the use experience of Apple pencil itself is also very good, with high sensitivity, low delay and smooth use; With Notepad, memo and hand drawn apps, application scenarios can cover mobile office needs.

Can Apple's stylus stop the decline in iPhone sales

In order to increase the selling point of the product, Apple has been making bold attempts on the iPhone, from the 3.5-inch screen controlled by one hand to the 6.5-inch comprehensive screen sometimes difficult to control by both hands; From the rear single camera to the “Yuba” three photos that are likely to be released in September; In addition, there are controversial designs such as cutting off 3.5mm headphone holes and adopting “bangs screen”. Now, Apple may have to make a big fuss on the new iPhone with the touch pen abandoned by jobs. Although a slap in the face, if this can stimulate iPhone sales, it can also be regarded as reaching the goal.

According to the report of counterpoint, the shipment of iPhone in the second quarter of 2019 was about 36.4 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 11.9%; The shipment volume in the Chinese market is less than 6 million units, which is inferior to Samsung and Huawei. At present, in addition to price reduction and promotion, Apple seems to have been unable to find a better way to stimulate sales.

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